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When you look at Mercedes-Benz’s S class, you wonder, if there is a possibility to make it better? The car is so smart it is quite impossible to crash it, it is so luxurious you feel like you are sitting on a feather, so, can Mercedes make a better car? The answer is yes, they can, and it is the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Two years ago, Mercedes-Benz announced that it wasn’t going to produce any Maybach, and honestly it was sad, but now, it has been decided that the high brand of Mercedes should be revived in the form of a long-wheelbase S600. So you can guess what is powering it, a 6.0L V12 engine, twin-turbocharged, that produces 530 bhp and 850 Nm of torque. Coupled to that enormous engine, a 7-speed AMG automatic transmission. Thanks to the use of various sound isolating materials, Mercedes claims that the Maybach S600 is the quietest car it ever made.

S-Klasse, S 600 Maybach (X 222) 2014

Power and sound isolation are not the most remarkable features of the car, because, wait until you get inside, and there, as they say, where the magic happens. In addition to all the standard S class luxurious features, the Maybach S600 offers a royal luxury. It is in fact fitted with 4 independent seats, the passenger front seat can be folded up so Sir can enjoy himself. The rear seat has individually adjustable backrests and head-cushions. Sir can enjoy himself more with Maybach branded champagne set, hidden between the set, and he can manage his company through a center console, linked to the internet via Mercedes Hotspot. The car has sound amplification system, so that Sir won’t make a lot of effort raising his voice. High quality leather is present almost everywhere, even in the door handles. And thanks to a longer wheelbase, both front and rear passengers can have more legroom space.

On the outside, the car still looks like an S class, although it has a larger front grille, it is 200 mm longer than the standard, has the same wheels on the Maybach 57. On the front, same as the wheels and the steering wheel, you will find Mercedes’s star, The Maybach logo is placed next to the rear passenger window, and you have to get to car’s behind to find more indications.

The S600 Maybach is to compete against Rolls Royce, Bentley and other luxury brands, there is no price tag on it, yet. Production is said to debut in February next year.

BMW i8

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BMW, maker of mean looking cars, well known drifters, thanks to their stability control, and the mighty M1, started in 2008 the i program, for hybrid, urban cars, and started with the compact i3, later on in time, it came with a car, in the same program, with supercar performance, and efficiency of a compact car (BMW)

The least that can be said about the i8 is that it is elegant, charming, devilish looking, just amazing. If one drives anywhere, you will find phones and cameras flashing at it, everyone will try to have a chance to take a picture of it. It is like dating a super hot model, everyone will want to see her, they won’t care about you. In the case of the BMw i8, they might, because, the price ticket put on it, is 300,000 $, and frankly, it is not affordable to anyone. It comes with a design that, besides its attraction, keeps you waiting, while asking the question, when is it going to transform? The body, which is made of 56 separate carbon fiber pieces, and the choice of color, keeps only reminding me of that.

Under the body, lays the power unit of the car, which is a combination of an electric motor, delivering 128 bhp and 250 torques, and a twinpower turbo 3-cylinder engine that produces 227 bhp and 320 torques. The total of all that, is 355 bhp and 570 Nm. It is close to supercar performance, from a small engine. The 1485 kg of electric gadgets, carbon-fiber body and aluminium chassis goes from stop to 100 in 4.4 seconds. The i8 sit on 20-inches alloy wheels, that have independent suspension. It has all-wheel-drive, power transmitted to the 4 wheels through a 6-speed transmission. Fuel consumption is estimated at 5.2L/100km for the urban and 2.1L for the combined mode.

The i8, was the first production car in the world to used laser headlights, they have 600m range, which is twice as the LED’s and consume 30% less energy. A laser diode weighs around 10 times less than a LED diode, so, BMW did well using them, better range, less weight and less energy consumption. Energy consumption matter due to the fact that the heart of the car being the battery, that has a 37 Km range, which is good to take one from home to work, or for enjoying a ride. the battery comes with a warranty of 8 years or 100,000 km. BMW does really trust its product.

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Audi Prologue Concept

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Being a good maker of clean sublime cars, like the A6, A7 or A5, Audi, presented a new concept model, that defines well the future of the company, as well as its actual place in the market. In the LA Auto Show, Audi presented the Audi Prologue Concept, an astonishing 2-doors coupe, that made a lot of people talk about.

“We don’t want to be too up-to-date, which two years later is already outdated. We want to stay really modern and display the latest technology, but not in an over-complicated way. Stay logical, because design that survives, it has a kind of logical function.” says Parys Cybulski, exteriour designer.

The futuristic design of The Prologue, puts it ahead of its competitors, somehow. It has a larger center grille, a lower front end, to give it sportier looks, it sits on 22-inch alloy wheels, it has all-wheel-drive, and it will be the base of the future coming Audi’s. It is said that it will be competing against the S class coupe. One more noticeable feature is the lights, both front headlights, that are using, wait for it, Laser technology, and it is a way to gain weight, and be futuristic, and the rear 3D lights, a long bar that goes on all the car width.


Underneath the hood, it has 4.0 TFSI engine, that produces 605 bhp, be careful AMG GT, someone has a small engine and a lot of power, and this someone is from Germany, like you. The Quattro technology, permits Audi to place a more forward engine, with a lot of space to the front and rear wheels. It has a developed exhaust system, that will make a serious noise.


What about the interior then? As you can see, it is classy, elegant, it is everything Audi is about. There is a large central screen, touch display, through which you can communicate with the car and the passenger, in fact, the screen is divided between them, the passenger now can give an idea about the roads, and other things, and send them to the driver via a switch. It reminds us of the spirit of the rally. It is a Gran Turismo based design, that offers both luxury and sportiness, but no extravagance.

Its production hasn’t been confirmed yet, therefore there is no price on it, but one thing is sure, Audi is back for the game.


Starting January 2016, Mercedes Benz will rename some of its models, and will expand its base, family, sport and AMG lineups with new models. Today, Thursday, November 27th 2014, Mercedes announced the expansion, and revealed a picture showing two new models.


The models shown are the C450 AMG, and what appears to be, the GLE coupe. GLE you say, what is that? well it is the new M class, that is because of the new nomination system that will used. The GLE will be competing against its like SUV, its direct opponent will be the BMW X6. It will be having a 3.0L twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine, that produces 329 bhp for the GLE 400 and  5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing over 570 horses for the GLE 63 variant. as far as the C450 is concerned, it will get a more powerful V6, twin-turbocharged, that will produce up to 370 horses.

Mercedes announced that the AMG line up will have developed engine, upgraded dynamics, newer chassis, maybe all-wheel-drive for the coming up models. They said also that they will try to fill the gap between classic and new AMG’s.

“The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide,” “For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance” says Tobias Moers, AMG CEO.


Lexus announced an upcoming convertible RC F version, instead of that, in the Los Angeles Auto Show, they revealed the LF-C2 which stands for Lexus Future – Coupe 2, and it is just impressive

The LF-C2 looks a lot like the RC, it has the same angular headlights, that are now using LED technology, it has the same front grille, larger front air intakes to cool the front brakes, rear air intakes to cool the rear brakes, and to channel the air to the rear diffuser, it has the same dimensions, almost, it is said that it will use the same V8 engine, that will produce more than 400 brakes, so in some way, it is an RC??


Well no, the topless car from Lexus has its own character, a futuristic design inside, it offers more luxury, and sportiness than the RC. It has a long central console, a central video monitor controlled by a remote touchpad. It has white sporty seats, a steering wheel covered in thick leather. On the outside, the car has L shaped tail lights, and a bespoke sport exhaust system with quad chromed tail pipes.


Jeff Bracken, the group vice president and general manager of Lexus said, “We’re here to share with you what happens when we take our signature look, which is critical to our identity in the luxury market, and incorporate it into a fun ‘what if’ concept.”

Lexus hasn’t announced a price, nor what is going to power the car, it is all some speculations, and who knows what will Japs do.




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When it comes to replacing their models, car companies do a crazy job to fix, add, replace.. because the next model has to be better in every way, but what if that car being replaced is the SLS AMG? Kind of the perfect car? How car one replace the perfect car? Mercedes-Benz and AMG had the answer, they outdid themselves, and created the AMG-GT model, a rocket that was made to compete with Porsche 911, Jaguar F type R, Audi R8, Corvette, Aston Martin Vantage. There is a new version, and it is more powerful, faster, and in some way better than the AMG GT. It is the AMG GT S, where S means here 50 more bhp.


So as expected, the car came to play in the big league, and it is not to be messed with. It is fitted with the same 4.0L V8 biturbo engine, with turbos mounted inside the V, it is to achieve greater thermal efficiency. The engine is able to produce 510 bhp, all of them going to the rear wheels, and 479 lb-ft of torque between 1,750 and 5,000 rpm. It is coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The result is, 0 to 60 in a lighting 3.6 seconds. Mercedes-AMG will need to do a better work though, to beat the 3.0 seconds of the Porsche GT3, and 3.5 seconds of the Jaguar F-type. The car top speed is limited at 196 mph which lessens the fun. Mounting the turbos inside V creates a more compact engine, to gain space. Mercedes-AMG uses dry sump to guarantee a better lubrication for the engine. Having a smaller engine won’t mean that the car will make less noise than its AMG predecessors, the exhaust system creates the kind of noise that announces the car coming from miles.

AMG GT interior

The interior was made to be just perfect. It is similar to the SLS, spaceship craft was present, with all the buttons, knobs and switches, especially with the central console, so get ready to launch your missiles. These features allow you to control the power distribution, steering, driving modes, and lots of stuff. For example, the Sport Plus mode offers a more aggressive driving through firm steering, lightning gear-changes, and throttle mapping. The car has a large leg and head rooms. It has a large steering wheels, the seats have carbon fiber backs, some expensive materials were used, like aluminium, soft leather, carbon-fiber…. The car has large air intakes, and a good balance of colors.

Pressefahrveranstaltung Mercedes-AMG GT S, Laguna Seca, Nov 2014

As we said, The AMG GT is based on the SLS Mercedes, it has the same long nose, looks a bit like it, but in its own way. It is as wide, it has the same front suspension, while the rear suspension is custom-made just for it. It has iron adaptive suspension dampers, aluminum double-wishbone suspension, low center of gravity, electronically controlled mounts for the engine and the gearbox. The engine is mounted more the rear, while the gearbox sits on the rear axle, giving the car better agility, and a weight distribution towards the rear, (53% of the mass goes the rear axle, while 47% to the front). The car has an electronic differential mounted on the rear axle. An impressive feature about the car, is the hydraulic steering, which makes more car and less computer of it, to give that sensation of control of the driver, instead of all the electronics doing the job for him, and the result is more controllable, less nervous steering than the SLS.

iAMG GT rear

With only have price of the old SLS, The AMG GT S stands well on its feet, and is here to beat all its competitors, there is maybe a black series edition coming, and who knows what would it be able of



When the LaFerrari went into production, and was unveiled, the least that was said about it, is that it was the Scarlett Johansson of cars, it is sexy, eye appealing, and powerful, with 960 bhp produced from its two engines. It has one of the best hybrid systems. Well, now there is a newer more powerful and faster version, it is the Laferrari XX and it is to be revealed this December, in the F1 world finals in Abu Dhabi.

XX means that it will be a track-only version, having a 90 bhp more than the road version, with the same naturally-aspirated V12 mounted to it coupled with the same electric motor that delivers 161 hbp. The LaFerrari XX is told to achieve better than 2.9 seconds to the 100km/h. Of course, its main competitor will be the McLaren P1 GTR who has 50 less bhp. Sadly for car collectors, it won’t be for sale, it will be kept in Maranello, maintained by Ferrari technicians, but owners will have to compete in a strict Corse Clienti eight-race program.

The Laferrari XX will have active aerodynamics, top performance breaks, racing tires, racing seats. You will notice a slight transformation on the front bumper, air intakes. The car will be certainly a monster, with high performance numbers to beat, for starters the FXX time around Top Gear’s circuit of 1 min 10 sec. It is announced to be the most powerful Hypercar, yet, competition is fierce between Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren when it comes to getting the best of their hypercars.

Like the GTR P1, the LaFerrari XX will be sold for 3 million € (2 million £) and won’t be seen ever on the roads.

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