LaFerrari XX

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Ferrari, LaFerrari
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When the LaFerrari went into production, and was unveiled, the least that was said about it, is that it was the Scarlett Johansson of cars, it is sexy, eye appealing, and powerful, with 960 bhp produced from its two engines. It has one of the best hybrid systems. Well, now there is a newer more powerful and faster version, it is the Laferrari XX and it is to be revealed this December, in the F1 world finals in Abu Dhabi.

XX means that it will be a track-only version, having a 90 bhp more than the road version, with the same naturally-aspirated V12 mounted to it coupled with the same electric motor that delivers 161 hbp. The LaFerrari XX is told to achieve better than 2.9 seconds to the 100km/h. Of course, its main competitor will be the McLaren P1 GTR who has 50 less bhp. Sadly for car collectors, it won’t be for sale, it will be kept in Maranello, maintained by Ferrari technicians, but owners will have to compete in a strict Corse Clienti eight-race program.

The Laferrari XX will have active aerodynamics, top performance breaks, racing tires, racing seats. You will notice a slight transformation on the front bumper, air intakes. The car will be certainly a monster, with high performance numbers to beat, for starters the FXX time around Top Gear’s circuit of 1 min 10 sec. It is announced to be the most powerful Hypercar, yet, competition is fierce between Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren when it comes to getting the best of their hypercars.

Like the GTR P1, the LaFerrari XX will be sold for 3 million € (2 million £) and won’t be seen ever on the roads.

Source : Topgear


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