Lexus LF-C2 Concept

Posted: November 27, 2014 in LC, Lexus
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Lexus announced an upcoming convertible RC F version, instead of that, in the Los Angeles Auto Show, they revealed the LF-C2 which stands for Lexus Future – Coupe 2, and it is just impressive

The LF-C2 looks a lot like the RC, it has the same angular headlights, that are now using LED technology, it has the same front grille, larger front air intakes to cool the front brakes, rear air intakes to cool the rear brakes, and to channel the air to the rear diffuser, it has the same dimensions, almost, it is said that it will use the same V8 engine, that will produce more than 400 brakes, so in some way, it is an RC??


Well no, the topless car from Lexus has its own character, a futuristic design inside, it offers more luxury, and sportiness than the RC. It has a long central console, a central video monitor controlled by a remote touchpad. It has white sporty seats, a steering wheel covered in thick leather. On the outside, the car has L shaped tail lights, and a bespoke sport exhaust system with quad chromed tail pipes.


Jeff Bracken, the group vice president and general manager of Lexus said, “We’re here to share with you what happens when we take our signature look, which is critical to our identity in the luxury market, and incorporate it into a fun ‘what if’ concept.”

Lexus hasn’t announced a price, nor what is going to power the car, it is all some speculations, and who knows what will Japs do.



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