Aston Martin DB10

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Aston Martin, DB 10
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James Bond has always impressed everyone in his movies with his gadgets and tricks, he was the unbeatable man, and there was some special environment in which he always went over limits, in his Aston Martin. Well, James bond and Aston Martin fans, be ready, there are news, there is a new movie, the Specter, and a new DB, the DB 10, which doesn’t look less awesome than the movie title.

The DB 10 would be the grand son of one of the most iconic Aston Martin’s ever, the DB 5, which was driven for the first time in Goldfinger 50 years ago, and appeared in 6 James Bond movies. The Aston Martin DB 10, was made specially to fit the Specter, engineers have worked simultaneously with the producers, to make it so that the car is not just some decor piece in the movie, but, to co star with Mr Bond.

It is a two-door coupe, elegant, as an Aston Martin should be, futuristic, because it is a Mr Bond car, and well, everyone is aiming for a futuristic design. The car may not have a big V12, but a 4,7L V8. There will be only 10 units made, all of them for the movie, and none of them will be for sale.




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