Lexus LC 500

Posted: January 25, 2016 in LC, Lexus
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Last year, in the Los Angeles Auto show, Lexus gave a glimpse at a concept from the future, it was the Lexus LF- C2 concept. It was just a presentation of the looks of the car, not a clear idea about the price, nor the power unit. At the NAIAS 2016, Lexus came back with the production model of the LF-C2, and they named it the Lexus LC 500.

The car specs are becoming clearer now. like the RC 500 it is powered by a 5.0 V8. The all aluminum, 32 valves, front-mounted drivetrain produces 467 bhp @7,100 rpm and 520 Nm of torque @4,800 rpm. Lexus says “it was selected for its smooth, linear throttle response and emotional engine sound”. The new features in the engine are lightweight, strong connecting rods, and titanium valves. Power goes to the rear wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission. 0 to 60 is done in 4.5 seconds.
The LC 500 is the first car to use the new model of the rear-drive luxury platform. It is a new step for Lexus, and an introduction to the upcoming models. In order to improve the center of gravity, Lexus engineers focused on placing the engine and the driving station in a lower, more centralized position. Result is a lower gravity center and a 52/48 rear/front weight distribution. It is close to perfect, but allows the car to have more road stability and exceptional driving experience.

Lexus LC 500

The exterior, is as presented in The 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, with the LF-C2. The car comes with curvy aerodynamic lines, and a carbon (or glass-fiber) roof. Light materials have been used for the construction of the chassis and the body of the car. It keeps the LF-C2 front chrome-bordered grille, with air intakes, large air vents in the front, the side, and streamlined body. On the rear, massive double exhaust outlets appear. The head lamps are L shaped, specially designed for the car, same as the rear lights. It has also a rear large diffuser and an active rear spoiler will be offered as options.


Same as the exterior design, the interior is based on the same of the LF-C2. The interior is spacey, welcoming and offers the same sport attitude the exterior offers. The driver hip was calculated to be the closest the car’s center of gravity. Two driving seats models are offered :
* comfort, for the long legged people
* sport : which are more enveloping and offer more “lateral support” for cornering.
The leather covered steering wheel  comes with paddle shifters, and a few buttons that do “things”. There are two digital screens for the car, a digital tachometer and a screen to get to all the options of the car. Leather covers most of the interior, alcantara was used too, but leather mostly.

“At an early stage, the designers collaborated with the engineers to understand their image for the LC 500’s driving dynamics, and they incorporated this into the design” says Mr Tadao Mori, the chief designer of the LC 500.


Only 500 units will be made of the LC 500, with a staggering price tag of $375,000. It will be competing with rough monsters from the Europe scene, like the BMW M4, the AMG GT and maybe the Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe.

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