Felipe Massa says bye bye to F1, at the end of this season.

Posted: September 1, 2016 in Formula 1
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After 15 years as an F& pilot, the Brazilian driver Felipe Massa announced today that he will retire from F1, this is as he said the last 8 races for him, and the last F1 season for him.

He started F1 as a driver for Sauber, in 2002 he became a test driver for Ferrari, and then he got back to Sauber for two years. His debut as a driver with Ferrari was in 2006, and in 2014 he joined Williams F1, to end his career. In 2008, driving for Ferrari, Massa was close to scoring his first ever championship title, but it was taken from him for one  point difference by Louis Hamilton, it was all played in the last turn, in the final lap, of the final grand prix. Massa’s career was moved by his big crash in the Hungarian Grand Prix which left him with a fractured skull. In the end, Massa is leaving F1 with at least 41 podium, 11 wins, 16 pole positions, and a best record as a runner for a world champion.

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