C. Leclerc first ever pole

Posted: March 30, 2019 in Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1
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The bahrain qualification session was entirely dominated by the Rossi, Ferrari scored a one-two front row lockout, followed by the Mercedes Team, and Verstappen in fifth.

Cherles Leclerc was the biggest ish surprise for the Bahrain Grand Prix Qualification sessions, he beat the world record set by Sebastian Vettel last year, 1m27s958 to set a new one 1m27s866, to sit on the pole of the Bahrain Grand Prix, and the first time ever in his career. Having a troublesome Australian GP, not being able to score maximum points, Ferrari came to Bahrain with a new aero and power package, the team worked in Maranello to find answers to the failing of the Aussie GP, and came back stronger this time to look for a win, and maybe the extra point for the absolute track record.

Mercedes two, Hamilton and Bottas are just behind the two Ferrari’s, Bottas has amazing race starts, so, would the red’s be able to defend from behind. Hamilton is confident in his car, yet he admits that this year’s Ferrari is the team to beat, that emotional advantage that Mercedes had for the past 5 years is not the same. Another dangerous man from behind, is the young flying dutchman, Max Verstappen, he scored a fifth place yes, but you never know how he can manage his race, especially that this year’s RedBull is powered by the Honda engine, and that Max could take him to his maximum potential.

Another surprise is McLaren this year, being in the top ten, Carlos Sainz is 7th, Lando Norris closes the door of the top ten, there is a lot of work going on, Alonso made another appearance, and is said to have a seat back maybe.

There is nothing to be done to William’s pace, the mighty F1 team, that in the before time was dominant in F1, is still struggeling to get some power out of the car and the engine, and not finding the correct balance. The two williams, G. Russel and R. Kubica are plain last with 4 seconds off the pace.

The race is tomorrow, C. Leclerc hopes to finish the work, Vettel knows how to overtake and to take wins, there is a completely new attitude to Valteri Bottas, and Hamilton knows where to place his car, just in case.


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