The Bahrain GP is upon us, the biggest surprise was the pole set by the young Monégasque Charles Leclerc, which is the first ever in his career, the first monégasque ever pole, the second youngest polesitter. Another fun fact, is that he is the 99th polesitter in F1 history, and since the clock is ticking, this is F1’s 999th race.

The question is, will Ferrari allow the two drivers to fight? since Vettel needs a win and a fastest lap of the race to get closer to the first steps in the driver’s championship being fourth, that the german didn’t have the pace for quali, but could get the pace for the race. Ferrari said that it will not push them to fight, but there is a championship at stake here. Vettel congratulated his teammate, this is what it needs be shown to the camera, but in his helmet, there was a war going.

McLaren is doing good, even better than the first race. In the Australian GP, only Lando norris could be present in Q3 for the fight over top ten, this time, Carlos Sainz came and joined him to the 7th place, but due to penalty for Romain Grosjean, the Spaniard will start 6th. Grosjean penalty was beneficial to many a driver, one of which is Daniel Ricciardo, who is having a rough start of season, DNF in his home circuit, hid third in Australia, being able to qualify only 11th +0.044 shy of the 10th time in Q2.

The mid-fight is being tough still, Red Bull being in the top 5 with Verstappen and all the way to the 13th place with Gasly, Alexander Albon will be breathing down Grosjean’s neck in 11th and 12th, Ricciardo will try and go past all of those before him, Raikkonnen did struggle with FP1, FP2, and FP3 yet he could score a 9th position and will start 8th with his Sauber, his team mate did not find his pace yet.

The race is yet to come, and it is full of surprises, the fight will be tougher than the australian GP, will Mercedes find other horses left and squeeze them into the engine? will Leclerc score his first win? Will the monster in Vettel wake up?

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