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105 years ago, in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo saw the light, and since, it hasn’t stopped impressing us. We all got impressed by amazing models such as The 24 HP, The 8C Competezione, The 1600 Duetto Spider, The Gran Premio Tipo A, and the list goes on, one will probably name all the Alfa’s out there. Some of the cars were excellent as racing models, others were good to take your family out in vacation. Alfa Romeo was one of the greatest constructors out there. And now it is back, with a sporty sedan, to celebrate the 105th year anniversary.

The new model is the Giulia, as in the revival of the Alfa Romeo Giulia of the 60’s. You can quickly notice the small calendar from the old model. However, the young model has improved. It feels sportier, it kept the Italian design curvy spirit. The head lights remind us of the Alfa Brera. The last Sedan model Alfa Romeo made was the 159. And now, back in the game, it wants to hit bad. Having its logo printed on the F-15T, Alfa fitted the new Giulia with a Ferrari V6 that produces 510 bhp, and pushes the car to 100 kph in 3.9 seconds. The Giulia will compete against German sport sedans as the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, the BMW M3, and the Audi RS4.



Sergio Marchione, CEO of FIAT Chrysler automobile on June 24th 2015, in Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan. He said that it will go in production in 2016, and less powerful, diesel variant are to come. The only variant presented was the QV (Quadrifoglio Verde). Also, it is said to save Alfa Romeo, since the company sold only 68000 units last year. With this one, they aim to sell 400000 units by 2018, Giulia, and there are 8 other models to come in the future 3 years.

Of course, competing with companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi requires good weapons, that is what the Giulia came up with. It is fitted with Torque Vectoring Technology for a better handling, and maximum stability control. Not only that, to reduce the braking distance, the Giulia has Integrated braking systems, all electronic magic that work together along with the carbon/ceramic brakes for a shorter, safer braking. It has active aero splitters, a large rear diffuser and a rear spoiler. Driver can choose between DNA (Dynamic, neutral or advanced efficiency) mode or Racing, to make the car go like a hooligan. It is lighter, the body is made from light materials such as carbon and aluminum fibers. It has a power to weight ratio inferior than 3, making the total weight close to 1,5 tons.