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BMW i8

Posted: November 28, 2014 in BMW, i8
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BMW, maker of mean looking cars, well known drifters, thanks to their stability control, and the mighty M1, started in 2008 the i program, for hybrid, urban cars, and started with the compact i3, later on in time, it came with a car, in the same program, with supercar performance, and efficiency of a compact car (BMW)

The least that can be said about the i8 is that it is elegant, charming, devilish looking, just amazing. If one drives anywhere, you will find phones and cameras flashing at it, everyone will try to have a chance to take a picture of it. It is like dating a super hot model, everyone will want to see her, they won’t care about you. In the case of the BMw i8, they might, because, the price ticket put on it, is 300,000 $, and frankly, it is not affordable to anyone. It comes with a design that, besides its attraction, keeps you waiting, while asking the question, when is it going to transform? The body, which is made of 56 separate carbon fiber pieces, and the choice of color, keeps only reminding me of that.

Under the body, lays the power unit of the car, which is a combination of an electric motor, delivering 128 bhp and 250 torques, and a twinpower turbo 3-cylinder engine that produces 227 bhp and 320 torques. The total of all that, is 355 bhp and 570 Nm. It is close to supercar performance, from a small engine. The 1485 kg of electric gadgets, carbon-fiber body and aluminium chassis goes from stop to 100 in 4.4 seconds. The i8 sit on 20-inches alloy wheels, that have independent suspension. It has all-wheel-drive, power transmitted to the 4 wheels through a 6-speed transmission. Fuel consumption is estimated at 5.2L/100km for the urban and 2.1L for the combined mode.

The i8, was the first production car in the world to used laser headlights, they have 600m range, which is twice as the LED’s and consume 30% less energy. A laser diode weighs around 10 times less than a LED diode, so, BMW did well using them, better range, less weight and less energy consumption. Energy consumption matter due to the fact that the heart of the car being the battery, that has a 37 Km range, which is good to take one from home to work, or for enjoying a ride. the battery comes with a warranty of 8 years or 100,000 km. BMW does really trust its product.

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