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Of course everyone was pleased with the Ferrari FF, it came with a new 4 by 4 technology, with well calculated power distribution according to the weight displacement, two gearboxes and two transfer boxes. Well, for a manufacturer such as Ferrari, moving from one point to another is a must, to keep at the top, with the new Ferrari F12 tdf announced, time has come to launch a new Ferrari FF.


First of all, the name FF is no longer, Ferrari prefers to come back to its roots, now, the FF is called, the GTC4 Lusso, as a tribute to the 330 GTC, a four-seater 330 GT, and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, one of the best cars Ferrari ever made. The mad dog 6,3L V12 comes with more power and more torque. The new engine produces 681 bhp @8000 rpm instead of 651 bhp and a slight increase in torque : 700 Nm @5750 rpm instead of 680. The GTC4 Lusso races to 100 kph in just 3,4 seconds and tops at 335 kph. It weighs just 1790 kg and has a new weight distribution 47-53% front/rear.


On the outside, there are few modifications, the front headlamps have been reworked, the front grille is larger, new taillights, a rear diffuser and roof-mounted spoiler. The result is, the GT4 Lusso is more aerodynamically stable than the FF and has better air intake for the engine, thus the power upgrade. The interior feels spacey, more luxurious and quite a bit modern. The car still has 4 seats, with a bit more space, a middle screen, buttons, all the stuff from the future, but still feels a Ferrari.

ferrari_gtc4lusso_interior_300dpi ferrari_gtc4lusso_interior_driver_s_side_300dpi

The New FF, long be blessed its name, has the same 4-wheels steering that came in the Ferrari TDF, which will allow better steering and an improved driving experience. For now, it is just being teased, Ferrari says it will be revealed in the Geneva Auto Show with more details, and the pricing.