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               The race to the world’s fastest car title is a never ending race, Bugatti, Hennessey, Koenigsegg are all contenders to the title. Now, it is detained by the Bugatti Veyron 267 MpH at Ehra-Lessien, The Venom Gt had their chance with a try, beat the record with one mile. Today, Hennessey is presenting its newest fire bullet, and obvious contender to the title.

                 Top Gear was the 1st to unveil Hennessey’s Performance newest toy to be, the Hennessey Venom F5. A name reference to the mightiest and most destructive type of Tornadoes, the F5, a storm which is estimated to have had winds in excess of 261 mph (420 km/h). Not strange to Hennessey’s aim of top speed, 290 MpH,  to destroy the old record detained by the Bugatti Veyron, 267.86 MpH at Ehra-Lessien. Although,Venom F5 older sister, the Venom GT had a try at it, beat it, by a mile, in the NASA-Kennedy Space Center, the Guinness book of records’ people were not there to see it, and the record stayed with Bugatti. Message made clear by Hennessey, we have a fast hyper car too, and we are ready to go further.



       The Venom F5 comes with a 7.0 L, twin turbo supercharged V8 engine, and that is claimed to deliver 1400 bhp (because let’s face it 1244 bhp wasn’t enough), giving it one of the highest power by weight rates : 1000 bhp to a tonne, while the Bugatti Super Sport has a rate of 630 bhp to a tonne. This power is reached by bigger turbos, upgraded fuel system, and a bigger intercooler. The aim of a speed of 290 MpH is no strange thing to Hennessey, having already the fastest 0 to 300 KpH record, done in 13.63 seconds, and an unregistered world’s fastest car, due to the non presence of Guinness book of record’s people, and the car had to make a come and go in the test, but Hennessey settled for just a one way test.  The car is fitted with a new single-clutch paddle-shifted transmission, which is faster than the optional manual 6 speeds gearbox. Both transmissions will transmit power to the rear wheels.




Looks: The Venom F5 won’t have the usual Lotus Exige Look, but will go for something more American, it is already clear, that is had the Chevrolet C7 headlamps. But it will keep the light Lotus Chassis.It is expected to weigh 1300 kg (2866 pounds), will have an entire carbon fiber body, which will reduce the drag coefficient from 0.44 to 0.40, but, John Hennessey guarantees it will have the required down force.
Only 30 exemplary will be made, and they are told to cost more than the Venom GT, deliveries will be made starting 2016.

On paper, Hennessey say they are working on the car to make the record, but will they find a straight line, long enough to reach 467 kph?


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