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Who hasn’t dreamt to see the mighty Nissan GTR and maybe drive it? Who hasn’t enjoyed playing with that car in games? because that is the only way we can afford it, who didn’t watch hundreds of videos about the Godzilla, drifting, of ripping the road apart? we all did, and each moment was a moment of good impressions, love at many sights. Stand ready, because, there is a new, faster, more powerful Nissan GTR. It comes in the new generation, the R36, and it is a hybrid.

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The main feature about this car is that it is going to be hybrid, Nissan says they do not have a problem dealing with electric power. In the war of cars, all the supercars are leaping forward a hybrid, or a full electric powertrain, Nissan is going for the hybrid option. The car is said to be faster than the actual R35 Nissan GTR, the one that achieves 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds, with the right tuning and addition, some drag fanatics took it to 2.5 seconds. How fast then would the R36 go?
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There are no clear informations about how much the powertrain will develop, or how fast would the car go, Nissan is keeping all these informations strictly confidential. Even when asked about the design, Jamie Oliver,Nissan sports car chief for Great Britain, said to top gear that Nissan is working on the design of the 2020 vision, offered for the Gran Turismo 6 game. Fans all around the world have tried to recreate a design, there are “leaks” for a design on the web. All that we know, is that, Nissan, once more is going to offer a new, hell of a toy.