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There is a new supercar, a supercar that goes for really big numbers, impressive numbers. It is made in the USA, by the Californian car maker N2A Motors, it is hand-crafted in California, it is ultra-luxurious both in the inside, or the outside lines, it has all wheels drive. The car i set to compete with European supercars like the Bugatti, The Koenigsegg, or even the Hennessey. It is the Trion Nemesis, it comes in four models, the Nemesis E, The Nemesis ER, The Nemesis GT and the Nemesis RR, all of them are astonishing in both design and performance.

  • The Nemesis E
    The Nemesis E is an all-wheel drive car, it produces 1000 bhp . It has a 2-speed clutchless gearbox mounted at each wheel, that can make it reach 190 mph top speed.

    The Nemesis ER

The Nemesis ER is a more powerful, electric version made by Trion motorsports. The two electric motors, coupled with a turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine, produce up to 1200 bhp. The batteries have an amazing 720 mile range.


  • The Nemesis GT:
    This starts the V8 family. It has a powerful twin-turbo V8, that develops a crazy 1400 bhp. It makes the car go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, and tops 218 mph. The engine has a 7speed sequential gearbox fitted to itfrontGT
  • The Nemesis RR :
    That is the craziest Nemesis of them all. It has a twin-turbo 9.0 liter V8 engine that is said to produce 2000 bhp. It will go from stop to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds, and will reach a 270 mph top speed. The Nemesis RR will go in production in 2016. It ha an 8-speed sequential gearbox, all-wheel-drive system, limited-slip differential, and everything to make the ride exciting.7_25-Lux-Black-Nemesis_RR34-1024x575


The Nemesis family, is the pique of the American car industry, they have one goal, beat the European supercars. This is translated in every shape of the car, both in the inside, and on the outside. The car has active aerodynamics, that suit every driver’s taste, they are controlled either automatically or manually. The cars have all lightweight carbon-fiber body with Inconel additions. The most impressive feature, is the cabin, it is very large, it can suit a 7-foot person inside in all the comfort and luxury he/she requires. The panels inside have reduced volume as a better usage of interior space. There is a digital flat screen panel, that allows internet access. There is another display that lets the driver control and reprogram the car’s powertrain. Like any supercar, there is a special button, once pushed, it reprograms the ride height, the exhaust sound, the rev limits, the suspensions to make a monster of the car, for the Nemesis, it is called, the “Predator Mode”.

There will be only a few Nemesis out there starting at 1 million $ the piece, but, they are unleashing a new war between American and European supercars.