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Volvo has been an excellent constructor of trucks, and had a bit of an advance on semi-autonomous driving : autonomous breaking, safety features. With everyone interested in full autonomous driving, Volvo found out the badass way, because the way things are done in Sweden.

Experiments are taking place 1320 meters below the ground, somewhere in a boliden mine in Sweden, Volvo decided to test its first autonomous truck, self-driving if you want. Subject being tested, Volvo FMX tracks.

Volvo went for the mines idea to test its autonomous program in low coverage areas, of course in a mine you would get none. FXM trucks are equipped with radars, and sensors to scan the whole area of the mine, know it well, and be able to advance. There are 6 security sensors that will tell the track whether or not the area is safe. There is always the possibility of human intervention in driving if the situation is complicated enough for the machine.