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                   After disappearing from the scene for years, The Dodge Challenger was reproduced in 2008, and since it has been a success, either with an SRT engine, or without, it was a real representant for the American Muscle car model, and always being developed to get more. Today, Dodge presented its newest Challenger, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and it brought hell in deed. It is the most powerful muscle car ever, the fastest muscle car : it took it only 10.8 seconds to finish a quarter mile, it has the most powerful V8 ever build, world fastest RWD car. But what is the secret behind all these records??

                      The secret lies behind good engineering, The car is powered by an engine based on the 392 Hemi, with changes of  90% of its content, and the changes are staggering. The 6.2L V8 delivers now 717 Bhp and has 818 Nm of torque. All of this comes form a unique engine block, engineered for a higher durability, and higher performance. It is fitted with specially designed aluminium  cylinder heads, they are lighter, and let flow massive amount of air to the engine. In addition to that, the engine has now unique forged pistons, and connecting road, a unique forged crankshaft to drive the twin-screw supercharger, and a twin-screw highly efficient supercharger, that provides high amounts of power. With that, Dodge engineers worked on a new cooling system, to have the engine work at high temperatures with no problem. The interior side lamp works as both lamp and and air intake. A new phase 4 intercooler system was mounted, and the engine features a high capacity water pump. To that we add, the air intakes on the hood. A new exhaust system was fitted as well, and a new kind of it too, it is the first exhaust that reacts in opening to the high air pressure coming to it, therefore, it reduces back pressure, and increases horsepower.



               The car comes with two gear box options, an 8-speed automatic gearbox, with paddle shifts, gear shifts are as fast as 250 ms, or a Tremec, TR 6060 6 speed manual, developed from the Viper Gt’s gearbox, and it features an upgraded clutch and an external cooling circuit. So, the car itself, has a bit of her biggest sister in it, but still beats the performances made by the bigger V10 fitted in the Viper GT. It has a new differential at the rear wheel axle, which gives amazing cornering performance, improves acceleration.

                      Air intakes on the hood, a reworked front bumper and hood, and 35% more time in the wind tunnel, to get the maximum of aerodynamics.

                    The car won’t be commercialized until 2015, it is said that is has 2 keys, one for having crazy fun unleashing 700 horses to the engine, and the second to limit the power at 500 Bhp, not the best of news, but 500 bhp are still crazy fun.