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When you think you can’t make a Mercedes car look any better, a car tuner comes up with an idea to make it look as monstrous, as aggressive, as possible. It is the turn to LUMMA Design to play with one this time. The kit applied is the LUMMA CLR G 800 The toy is the GLE and The result is staggering.


It is the GLE first time to get a widebody kit on the exterior. All the car used to have is a fine Mercedes Benz style, it was good looking, until LUMMA decided to mess things up. The first thing to be noticed, is the reduction in height. LUMMA lowered the suspensions, to acquire higher performance from the car. The tuning program features large air intakes on the front wings, a new front bumper, new side skirts and wider wheelarches. It also features a carbon hood, new rear bumper and diffuser and a rear spoiler. Not only that, but the car has in addition a Carbon-fiber hood. Knowing how heavy Mercedes-AMG cars can get, some weight reduction in the addition program just dictates itself. Carbon fiber was used in making the hood, the side skirts, the air vents, the rear air diffuser, and both of the bumpers. The car sits on 24-inch wheels from the dutch manufacturer Vredestein.


There is a power increase. The 5.5L biturbo V8 has been enhanced to produce 640 bhp, around 70 bhp more compared to the stock GLE 63 AMG coupe. This, along with the aero package, and the height reduction, should improve the top speed and the acceleration. Not that, the SUV from AMG does 0 to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds.


Modifications inside include a lightweight materials usage for some of the cars. Customers can choose between premium leather or wood variations to get the luxury they need.

The official release would be in the Frankfurt Auto Show this September, but with the teaser images, we are sure drooling about it.


Starting January 2016, Mercedes Benz will rename some of its models, and will expand its base, family, sport and AMG lineups with new models. Today, Thursday, November 27th 2014, Mercedes announced the expansion, and revealed a picture showing two new models.


The models shown are the C450 AMG, and what appears to be, the GLE coupe. GLE you say, what is that? well it is the new M class, that is because of the new nomination system that will used. The GLE will be competing against its like SUV, its direct opponent will be the BMW X6. It will be having a 3.0L twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine, that produces 329 bhp for the GLE 400 and  5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing over 570 horses for the GLE 63 variant. as far as the C450 is concerned, it will get a more powerful V6, twin-turbocharged, that will produce up to 370 horses.

Mercedes announced that the AMG line up will have developed engine, upgraded dynamics, newer chassis, maybe all-wheel-drive for the coming up models. They said also that they will try to fill the gap between classic and new AMG’s.

“The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide,” “For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance” says Tobias Moers, AMG CEO.