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Mercedes AMG GT

Posted: September 26, 2014 in AMG GT, Mercedes Benz
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Mercedes spent a good part of a year teasing its fans about a new model, a new raging elegant toy, the Mercedes AMG GT. The Porsche 911 direct rival, and the replacement to the SLS AMG. AMG calls it the epitome of dynamic perfection, and as a first look, the dynamism, and the sportiness are clear on the car general shape.

As you all see, the car has lost the Benz name to the AMG. It is the second car to be fully made by AMG, the first one being the SLS AMG. A bit of history, in 1954, the world opened his eyes to the Gullwing SL 300 (W198). 50 years later, when Mercedes had 40% of McLaren, the two automotive giants made the McLaren Mercedes SLR. Then in 2009, the All AMG car, the SLS who produced 571 from its 6.2L V8. After that, Mercedes made the SLS Black Series, who produced a staggering 631 poneys. The last one to carry the SLS name was the SLS electric drive, who had four electric engines that produce 740 bhp, same as Michael Schumacher F1 car. A year after that the last SLS was produced, Mercedes unveiled the AMG GT. A car that combines sportiness with elegance. The AMG GT was based on the SLS, and has many of its features, but has lost some too. First of, it doesn’t have the famous Gullwing doors, but normal coupe doors. It is more compact, more 911 looking. It is wider, it has wider wheels arches, and a lower body work, thus a lower center of gravity. It has the same long hood though, the same angry look, well Mercedes used newer technology, but the car still looks angry.

Produktion S-Klasse Coupé C217 Sindelfingen

The car is powered, and this is where Mercedes made the miracle, by a 4.0L V8. It has two turbochargers, that are installed inside the V, it is the same technology used in Formula 1 engines, and what Mercedes calls “Hot inside V”. The turbocharger acts faster while it is mounted inside the engine. The powertrain produces 462 bhp and 443 lb.ft of torque. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a transaxle AMG DCT 7-speed double-clutch  transmission. The fastback shape of the car, made Mercedes AMG engineers choose a front mid-engine settings. The car has limited-slip electronic differential. Weight balance is 47 front to 53 to the rear. The car has a lower center of gravity, which gives it exceptional handling.


The body is designed by racers, tested by racers. The AMG GT has a handcrafted body, from aluminium and carbon. The chassis and the body are made entirely from aluminium which makes the car lightweight. The body shell weighs only 233 kg. The car has the innovative Mercedes lines, in its grille, vents, overall shape, it follows the same lines Mercedes put to its cars. The lower air intakes look like those on the E63 AMG. The Lights, are similar to the S class coupe. So you can say, that it is a mixture, a son to all it is previous fathers.

As far as the interior is concerned, the car is comfortable, homey, welcoming, desirable to drive with all its features. Even though AMG’s were known to be stiff, and hard, designers made it to be a racing driver’s car. It gives you this impression, from the first moment you open the door.  It has a low sitting position, a small firm driving wheels, a large instrument cluster. It all looks like an “aviation cockpit”.


The car is said to consume only 9.3L to the 100km and produce 219g of CO2/km. It is announced to be worth 115000€ as an opening price.
Its direct competitors are the Porsche 911, the Jaguar F type, The Aston Martin Vantage V8, Audi R8…

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