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That was one of the first pictures we could get from Lamborghini to have an “avant-goût” of what would its surprise to the Paris Auto Show look like. Top gear did get some of its pictures. It is a new step for Lamborghini, to enter in the hybrid race, after Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche. Maurizzio Reggianni, R&D Boss at Lamborghini says “Asterion proposes the future of Lamborghini”.

It does not look like any Lamborghini produced before it, it looks softer, has a cleaner, less aggressive look that its predecessors. It is more technological, more in the future type of car. Even its name is different, The LPI, I is Ibrido, Hybrid in Italian. Though, it is not so different inside, in fact it uses the same monocoque carbon fiber chassis used on the Aventador mostly in its lower parts, and the same engine from the Huracan.


The Asterion has the same engine as the Huracan, a longitudinal 5.2L V10 that delivers 610 bhp, that has a dual-clutch seven-speed rear transaxle automatic gearbox linked to it. In addition to the thermic engine, three electric engines are mounted on the car, one in the rear, and two in the front. Al together, they produce 220 KW, which is the equivalent of 300bhp. This makes a total of a 907 crazy horses, unleashed by a button. The car goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.0 seconds, and it is claimed to reach 199mph as a top speed. The rear electric motor, has a starter motor, and a generator. The other two, are used to insure four’wheel drive and torque vectoring since there is no mechanical connection between the front and rear axle. Batteries are placed in the central tunnel of the car.

Adding all the electric stuff, batteries, generators, and motor, adds up to 280kg to the car, to make the total weight, 1800kg. But this does not effect the power, CO2 emissions of the car, or the fuel consumption. In fact, the CO2 emission are as low as 98g/km. Consumption from the thermal engine is 30mpg. Lamborghini claims that the combined consumption is estimated to 282mpg, which is to be verified. The car is said to be able to reach 125 km/h while powered only by the electric engines for 32 miles.

The interior is less sporty than the other Lamborghini models, it is luxurious, has ivory leather, aluminium, forged carbon, and yes even titanium. the dashboard, and other parts of the cabin are in white and brown leather. Seats are mounted higher than those on the Aventador or the Huracan. The steering wheel is inspired from the Miura’s one. The driver can chose 3 driving modes, from buttons on the steering wheel, which are : Zero, for electric drive only, I which stands for Ibrido, it is for a maximum power choice, and T, for Termico, and then you’ll be driving a Huracan Lamborghini.


Source : Topgear; Jalopnik