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Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Mercedes Benz, S Class
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With all the luxury that the Mercedes Benz S class offers, Daimler Group did not stop there, but went for more, more luxury and more power. Let’s say that you are an extremely wealthy business man, with a good taste for cars, you’d buy a BMW 7 series or an Aston Martin Rapide, but what if you want to go there drifting in each corner, reaching top speed in the highway, while still enjoying internet connection and a back massage, well, you’d go for the Mercedes S63 AMG.

Like all Mercedes, before this monster was unveiled to the world, it was tested in the roughest conditions, either in the simulators Mercedes has, or in the mighty Nurburgring circuit, torturing corners, a breath taking straight line, it has everything to, after test completion, deliver to the world a powerful monster. And the result is staggering. The S63 Amg is fitted with the M157 unit, a 5.5 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 585 bhp and 900 Nm pf torque. The main characteristics of the M157 is that it has an All-Aluminium crankcase. It is a direct injection petrol engine with piezo injectors. It has 4 valves per cylinder, has an air-to-water intercooler, and Eco start/stop function, and a composite oil pan. What makes each AMG engine so sophisticated is that each one is hand built and has the signature of the engineer who made it. Mercedes says that the car is electronically limited to 186 mph (300 km/h) and unleashed to its full power it can reach 200 mph and more. It is faster than its predecessor, it goes from stop to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. Like the New S AMG E class, power distribution is 33 % front and 67 % in rear, to equal weight distribution. The power is transmitted to the 4 wheels via a 7-speed automatic MCT gearbox. Gear changes occur in jut 0.1 seconds. If the driver



The S63 AMG is 100 kg lighter than its predecessor thanks to a lot of changes, for starters, the All-Aluminium crankcase, and the composite oil pan, help reduce weight, also, the car is fitted with new lighter seats. A new lithium ion battery was introduced and is 20 kg lighter than the standard battery. In addition to all that, the car has an all-aluminium body, body panels, composite brake system (either ceramic or carbon) and a spare wheel recess made of carbon fiber. It has also alloy forged AMG wheels.

The car acquired new front and rear bumpers, with a large air splitter and  two air intakes as the usual AMG front bumper with enlarged front blades. in the rear, the S63 AMG has a rear diffuser, to facilitate air circulation and not creating air vortexes in the back. Stream lines were added in the side of the car. All this makes the car have a low drag coefficient, and a lesser wind resistance. Of course aerodynamics improvement and weight reduction mean a better car handling, and more efficiency, the car achieve up to 23 mpg, 0.4 liter to the 100 km better than the old S63 AMG.


In the inside, it is “Game of Thrones”, a royal luxury is offered. Like the regular S class, the driver has all the state of the art features, supple leathers, exquisite wood garnishment. It has reclining rear seats that can be heated or ventilated, or as a special feature have hot stone massage system. Also, the driver can enjoy a 12 inch TFT screen with navigation systems from Google maps, internet connection, Bluetooth connectivity. In the center of the renewed dashboard, the car is fitted with IWC analog clock. More to that, the car has an AMG steering wheel, fitted with aluminium paddle shifters. To give the car inside a better mood, all lights, are ambient LED. The passengers can enjoy music via improved High end Burmester Surround Sound System or wireless AKG headsets. As far as the rear of the car is concerned, the car is fitted with door-panel mounted armrests, w mini bar, a small pliable table, individual screens, with all the connectivity systems that come with.


All the mentioned above features and improvements come at a great cost, the car costs around €149,880.50 but, it is nothing compared to the driving pleasure.

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