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                One year after revealing the S class, Mercedes Benz has impressed everyone by its luxury and intelligent driving-assist systems, and with the S63 and the S65 AMG, it deserved the title of best car in the world. But, the people of Mercedes said it is not enough, they are working now on a S600 Pullman long, after revealing the S600, and officially we will have the pleasure of meeting the S600 guard.


                  Being no stranger to producing protected cars, with already made models of the S, M, G and E Class, Mercedes Benz went to perfection with this one, the S600 guard. Under the hood, it has the Same 6.0 L V12 powering the regular S600, and delivering a power of no more than 530 Bhp, and a torque of 830 N.m (612 pound-ft ), with a speed limited to 210 kph due to heavy installment. The S600 Guard weighs in total 3735 kg ( 8217 lbs). The reinforcements include but they are not limited to 100 kg more to each door, the windshield weighs 140 kg. The windows are 40 to 55 mm thick, and weigh each 40 kg, black colored. The fuel tank is highly protected. The car can withstand simple bullets AK 47 bullets, hand grenades and even explosions underneath it, like a 6 kg mines.


                   The process goes like follows, the car is completely disassembled, each panel is reinforced of both steel and aramid plaques. Then the car is fitted with laminated windows, recovered with Polycarbonate. to a grand total of 400 kg of B4 Armoring in the high protection level , and 1400 kg of a B6/B7 armoring in the highest level protection. The car is awarded with highest level in the matter of protection : the VR9. The chassis, suspension, brakes, ESP, Pre-safe system all have been reviewed. Airmatic air suspension have been adapted to carry on the weight of the car. And with new technology of Michelin, the S600 Guard can do 19 miles on flat wheels.


              Let us not forget that this car is a Mercedes Benz, luxury is everything this car is about, and for that, Mercedes Benz did not forgot its root. The S600 guard is based on the S600 and keeps the same luxurious options as the recycled oxygen, adjusted front and rear seats, but added more, like the anti fire system, an automatic extinguisher, emergency system of door and windows opening, panic alarms, Intercom, heating windshield, infrared projectors, an emergency fresh air system…

Mercedes did not announce a price for the S600 Guard, but all we know is, that it is custom made for each client.