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Koenigsegg Agera RS Nayara

Only a day or so separate us from the Salon Privé Concours d’Élégance, and the big revealing of the chassis #127 Koenigsegg : The Agera RS Naraya. Naraya name was chosen from the owner : Blancpain GT Series driver Pasin Lathouras, and it is a name closely associated to his family.

Under the hood is the same engine powering all the Agera RS; a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, producing 1160hp and 1280Nm of torque, power is transmitted to the 4 wheels via a CIMA 7-speed paddle-shift transmission, a Koenigsegg E-differential and Koenigsegg’s own traction and stability control systems.

As you can see, the car is finished in blue carbon-fiber body. Gold finishing of the leaf are made by a craftsman from Italy named Ettore ‘Blaster’ Callegaro, by hand, in Koenigsegg factory in Sweden. The whole process took two full weeks, working 12 hour days, six days per week. Interior features blue Alcantara with gold stitching. There is 18 carat Naraya name plate with 155 cultured diamonds created by Ada Diamonds in California encrusted to the dashboard.

Naraya inetrior



Ford Focus RS

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Focus RS, Ford
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How would you like to get a Ford Focus that has been developed by a team of dedicated rally professionals including the KEN BLOCK?? Well, you do not have to wait no more, because, there is one, revealed yesterday by Ford ( Feb, 3rd 2015). It will feature an all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring, and will develop up to 330 bhp.

There were many rumors about it. All we know is, that the new Focus RS will be powered by a 4-cylinder 2,3L turbocharged EcoBoost engine, the same one on the Mustang, but with a Turbocharger, and minor development. The engine is said to produce up to 330 bhp and 433 Nm of torque. Power will be transmitted to all the wheels, with possibility of automatic adjustment, with the help of torque vectoring, power can be sent to all wheels, or in times, 70 percent of it, can go the rear wheels, via a six-speed manual transmission. Not only that, but the driver can chose which wheel to brake. A bit of rally and F1 technology. The new Focus RS can now have better cornering, avoiding understeer, it has now a more controlled drift, and who better can manage drift than Mr Ken Block himself??

Ford equipped the Focus with an electronic power steering, that comes now as a standard, stiffer springs for the suspension, sway bars, and 19-inch wheels, that come wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport. In the inside, the car was fitted with Recaro seats, and a flat bottom steering wheel.

Improvement were not limited to the engine. In the front, the Focus RS has an angrier front bumper, with larger ar intakes, a reworked grille, and big front intercooler. Way back to the rear, it has a big large spoiler, and a new diffuser, to which are joined a twin tailpipe exhaust system.

There is no price tag on it yet. We have to wait until March. This Focus RS will be produced in Germany, sold in the hole world. Shipment to the North America and Asia continents will be later in 2016. It will be competing against, the Mitsubishi EVO, the 1 series hatch, yet, Ford needs to get more power to catch the world most powerful duo, the Audi RS 3, and the AMG 45 A class.

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

Porsche fans, hold your breath because there is a new one coming, it is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It will be using a new engine, a new transmission and it will be still elegant and eye catching, because, it is still a Porsche.

Many rumors have been said about the GT3 RS, but one thing is sure, is that is will be breath taking, engine displacement will be 3.8L or 4.0L generating 500 bhp. It will be a flat six, naturally aspirated engine. Porsche people are coming up with a new engine, for a better management of power and torque. While addressing Auto Express, Porsche R&D boss, Wolfgang Hatz said “Performance has to be the main objective. Customers love the current GT3. The RS has to be the peak. The 991 GT3 was very much a surprise for everybody because it’s a very usable car for every day. The GT3 RS will be more extreme.” He made sure that the car will come with a PDK dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission, yet, Porsche did not completely rule out the idea of a manual transmission. Hatz said that the turbocharged engines will be used on models like the Cayman, the Carrera, or the 912, but the GT3 RS is to keep a naturally aspirated engine.

There are noticeable changes on the body, the car has larger intakes for instance, a new front splitter, big fender grill, an improved rear spoiler as a bigger rear wing and heat extractors will be all part of the new aero kit the GT3 RS will be receiving. It is certain that the car will go in a severe diet to lose weight, in order to improve power-to-weight ratio.

The Porsch GT3 RS will be going after two main records, one made by the old model 7 min and 25 sec, and the other is made by Porsche Hyper-insanely-beautiful-car the 918, 6 min and 57 seconds, all around the all mighty Nürburgring. We will have to wait until March to have the GT3 RS revealed completely.