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Brabus GLA 45 AMG

Posted: October 26, 2014 in GLA Class
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When Mercedes-Benz unveiled a year ago the GLA class, everyone was impressed with its qualities as a mini SUV, it was a bigger A Class, but has the luxury of a GL inside. It was fitted with an incredible AMG engine, the 4 cylinders 2.0L that can develop up 370 bhp. There is a new version now, offered by the monstrous Mercedes-Benz tuner : Brabus, and that is The GLA 45 AMG Brabus that can produce now 400 bhp.


The car received many additions, in the Brabus Power Xtra B45 V-Max kit program that adds in all, +30 bhp, thus the total of 400 bhp. The additions are , but not limited to, a rear diffuser, a roof rear spoiler, front spoiler and splitter, and larger front air ducts, bumper trims, and revised side skirts. It comes with LED underfloor lighting (like those used for the SV12 model) activated by simply pulling the door handle or a keyless remote. The power unit is the same as in the GLA 45, the turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, that produce now 400 bhp and 500Nm torques. It has now a stainless steel with four chrome tailpipes exhaust system with butterfly valve . The car will go from stop to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, top speed announced at 168 mph (around 270 km/h).


The CLA 45 Brabus sits on 30 mm taller suspension, or 25 mm lower sports. It comes with a performance 18- to 21-inch wheels and tires. In the cabin, the car is fitted with new custom leather surfaces, aluminium sports pedals, Alcantara seats and aluminium Race paddle shifters. The car also has two-tone stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit Brabus logos.



All Brabus GLA models come with a three-year / 62,000 mile warranty, there is no price announced yet.


Source : Mercedes

Who hasn’t dreamt to see the mighty Nissan GTR and maybe drive it? Who hasn’t enjoyed playing with that car in games? because that is the only way we can afford it, who didn’t watch hundreds of videos about the Godzilla, drifting, of ripping the road apart? we all did, and each moment was a moment of good impressions, love at many sights. Stand ready, because, there is a new, faster, more powerful Nissan GTR. It comes in the new generation, the R36, and it is a hybrid.

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The main feature about this car is that it is going to be hybrid, Nissan says they do not have a problem dealing with electric power. In the war of cars, all the supercars are leaping forward a hybrid, or a full electric powertrain, Nissan is going for the hybrid option. The car is said to be faster than the actual R35 Nissan GTR, the one that achieves 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds, with the right tuning and addition, some drag fanatics took it to 2.5 seconds. How fast then would the R36 go?
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There are no clear informations about how much the powertrain will develop, or how fast would the car go, Nissan is keeping all these informations strictly confidential. Even when asked about the design, Jamie Oliver,Nissan sports car chief for Great Britain, said to top gear that Nissan is working on the design of the 2020 vision, offered for the Gran Turismo 6 game. Fans all around the world have tried to recreate a design, there are “leaks” for a design on the web. All that we know, is that, Nissan, once more is going to offer a new, hell of a toy.


There is a new supercar, a supercar that goes for really big numbers, impressive numbers. It is made in the USA, by the Californian car maker N2A Motors, it is hand-crafted in California, it is ultra-luxurious both in the inside, or the outside lines, it has all wheels drive. The car i set to compete with European supercars like the Bugatti, The Koenigsegg, or even the Hennessey. It is the Trion Nemesis, it comes in four models, the Nemesis E, The Nemesis ER, The Nemesis GT and the Nemesis RR, all of them are astonishing in both design and performance.

  • The Nemesis E
    The Nemesis E is an all-wheel drive car, it produces 1000 bhp . It has a 2-speed clutchless gearbox mounted at each wheel, that can make it reach 190 mph top speed.

    The Nemesis ER

The Nemesis ER is a more powerful, electric version made by Trion motorsports. The two electric motors, coupled with a turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine, produce up to 1200 bhp. The batteries have an amazing 720 mile range.


  • The Nemesis GT:
    This starts the V8 family. It has a powerful twin-turbo V8, that develops a crazy 1400 bhp. It makes the car go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, and tops 218 mph. The engine has a 7speed sequential gearbox fitted to itfrontGT
  • The Nemesis RR :
    That is the craziest Nemesis of them all. It has a twin-turbo 9.0 liter V8 engine that is said to produce 2000 bhp. It will go from stop to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds, and will reach a 270 mph top speed. The Nemesis RR will go in production in 2016. It ha an 8-speed sequential gearbox, all-wheel-drive system, limited-slip differential, and everything to make the ride exciting.7_25-Lux-Black-Nemesis_RR34-1024x575


The Nemesis family, is the pique of the American car industry, they have one goal, beat the European supercars. This is translated in every shape of the car, both in the inside, and on the outside. The car has active aerodynamics, that suit every driver’s taste, they are controlled either automatically or manually. The cars have all lightweight carbon-fiber body with Inconel additions. The most impressive feature, is the cabin, it is very large, it can suit a 7-foot person inside in all the comfort and luxury he/she requires. The panels inside have reduced volume as a better usage of interior space. There is a digital flat screen panel, that allows internet access. There is another display that lets the driver control and reprogram the car’s powertrain. Like any supercar, there is a special button, once pushed, it reprograms the ride height, the exhaust sound, the rev limits, the suspensions to make a monster of the car, for the Nemesis, it is called, the “Predator Mode”.

There will be only a few Nemesis out there starting at 1 million $ the piece, but, they are unleashing a new war between American and European supercars.

Jaguar XE

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Jaguar, XE
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At the Jaguar’s stand the press was all interested in the XE and XE-S models. Produced to be a rival to the BMW 3-series, the Mercedes C class, the Audi A4 or even the Lexus IS, the XE type is just impressive. For drift passionate, it is a rear-wheel-drive, so enjoy.


This little model from jaguar comes in different engine variants, both in petrol and diesel, diesel said to be best-seller in the UK. The base petrol is a 2.0L turbo, four cylinders engine, that develops 200 bhp and 240 NM of torque. It has a range of 37.7 mpg and 179g/km CO2 emission. For the diesels, there is a 2.0l Turbo, will less power, only 161 bhp and 380 Nm. The diesel engine is more efficient, it has a better range than the 2.0l petrol, 75 mpg and is cleaner, it is the cleanest engine in the XE line, it does only 99g/km CO2 emission. This engine is taken from the “JLR” line. If this is not enough power, there is a more powerful version of the diesel that produces 180 bhp and 430 Nm of torque, ha a 67.3 mpg range, and coughs 109 of CO2 per km. Still not enough? well, there is the XE-S, a 3.0l V6 petrol engine, it is the most powerful of the line with 340 bhp and 450 Nm. Jaguar said it is able to take the car from stop to 62 mp in 5.1 seconds. There are two transmissions options available, ZF 8-speed auto for the petrol engines and 6-speed manuals for the diesels.

The XE is based on the XF, it is clear, since it has the same front, there is a slight modification to the front lights, and the XE has bigger frontal air intakes, but it general, they look similar. The XE is characterized by an aluminium body structure, aluminium is also present in the hood, the doors and the trunk. To give it a sportier look, the car is fitted with big front air intakes, in the front bumper, a rear spoiler, gloss black rear valance, red brake calipers. It sits on 19″ wheels with an option to 20″. With a 0,26 drag coefficient, it is the most aerodynamic Jaguar ever produced. The car has the same nose wheel as the F-type. It ha an “Integral link” specific rear suspension.

In the inside, it is clear, that the cabin was based on the XF Jaguar, same setting, same materials. It is notable that the shift lever was replaced by a retractable button. There is an 8″ touch screen with sat nav, radio control. A laser Heads-up-display comes as an option feature. The XE can be connected to via a hotpot Wi-fi. The luggage compartment was upgraded to a 455L volume, it is 20L shy from its rivals.


The announced models are : Pure, Prestige, Portfolio, R-sport and S, their prices vary between, 27,000£ to 45,000£. But they are worth every penny of that


When Mercedes did not register its C63 AMG and AMG S in the official press conference of the Paris Motor Show, everyone thought that the German giant will present them in any other occasion, but Mercedes wanted its fan and the press to wait more, for publicity purpose, nothing more. Yesterday (October 2nd 2014) the C63 was revealed in four models : 2 breaks and 2 sedan cars. Benz disappearing from the name of the car, once more, because now Mercedes associates AMG to all its sport models.


The C class was revealed in the spring of 2014, and we had to wait until now to get the AMG versions. Usually, it is only one model, with a big 6.3L engine, but with the introduction of the new 4.0 V8 biturbo, Mercedes will have two variants, same as the Mercedes AMG GT. So you have it then, the C63 AMG will be powered by the same engine as the AMG GT, that produces 467 bhp and 650 Nm for the AMG version and 510 bhp and 700 Nm for AMG S version, same for the breaks. 0 to 100 km/h will be achieved in 4.1 seconds, for both the sedan and the break in the AMG version, however for the AMG S configuration, it will be 4 seconds flat for the sedan and 4.2 for the break. Both engines will have and AMG MCT-7 paddle-shifted multidisk-clutch gearbox hooked to them. To give better noises, there will be three active modes for the quad tailpipe exhausts. The top speed is limited to 250 km/h, you have to throw out all the electronics from the car to make your engine go further.



The AMG can be recognized by the sporty red lines on the grille and around the wheels. the car has the AMG front dumper fitted to it, the hood is reworked for a better aerodynamic result, and in the rear, there is a carbon-fiber small spoiler over the trunk and a rear diffuser separating the quad tailpipe. The interior is all about sport, aggressive,  yet elegant. The steering wheel is covered with Alcantara, the seats are in black leather. Red and black ambiance dominates the interior, for a serious sporty look. The C63 AMG is equipped with a new suspension, with 3 different setting modes, to offer, a comfortable, or aggressive driving.


The C class was the best-seller of the Mercedes Benz, with 40000 units for the old C class, Mercedes expects this one to do the same. There was no price revealed, yet. Future Mercedes owners will be happy, because of the decrease in CO2 emission 192 g/km compared to 280 g/km which means less taxation. The car will be available starting February 2014, 2 months later for the break version.

Source : Mercedes Benz


After many customers complaints that they were not getting enough from the 505 bhp old Bentley Mulsanne, Bentley came up with a newer, more powerful version with plenty of torque. It is the Mulsanne Speed, that was improved in every way compared to the old one thanks to the help of professional drivers and chauffeurs.


Customization started from the engine. The Mulsanne has a 6.75l V8 that produces 530 bhp and 1100 Nm of torque. This increase in power and torque, is due to revision to the turbocharging system, a revamped compression ratio, new combustion chamber, inlet ports, spark plugs, fuel injectors. The optimized turbocharging system now is boosting the car even at low Rpm’s. As a result, the bullet Mulsanne accelerates to 100 km/h in just 4,8 seconds, 5,3 for the base car, which is pretty impressive if you note the weigh of the car : 2,6 tonnes. The 8-speed paddle-shifted gearbox is reworked to give a better torque. Top speed is expected to be around 300 to 305 km/h.


The car has improved fuel consumption and CO2 emission as well. Now, thanks to better control of the combustion, optimizing of the variable valve timing, and cylinder deactivation system, the Mulsanne Speed can do up to 80 km on a single fuel tank. It has a fue consumption of 12 to 19 Mpg in city and highway, and 14 mpg combined. The CO2 emission improved by 23% compared to the older model, and now the car does only 342g/km.


There are 3 variable driving modes in the car : The “S” mode, which keeps the engine revs up to receive boosts from the turbochargers in full time, the Sport mode, which stiffens the suspension, adjusts the steering for a sportier drive, and the custom mode which is dedicated for the drivers who know what they are doing, therefore they can adjust the engine, suspension, brake setting to their taste of driving.

The Mulsanne Speed saw the light only 15 days of being revealed on the internet, it will cost up to 350000€ to get a two-months hand-assembled luxurious Bentley Mulsanne, the torquiest sedan in the world.

Source Bentley.


There were many surprises at the Paris Auto Show, one of which was the amazing Volkswagen XL Sport. It is based on the XL 1, that symbolizes the partnership between Ducati and Volkswagen. The XL Sport is an updated, more powerful version of the XL1.

The car has a rear mounted Ducati V-twin Superleggera 1199 engine, slightly modified than the one used on the XL1. It is the most powerful two-cylinder engine, that can rev up to 11000 Rpm. Ducati uses a hand fabrication and high-precision manufacturing industrial process. and the result is staggering. The engine is now a tough engne, it has strong light titanium connecting roads, double-overhead camshafts. It has a bore/stroke ratio of 112 mm by 60.8 mm. The two cylinders are disposed in 90° configuration, they feature desmodromic valve control, thus ensuring the best valve clearance. Magnesium was used in different parts of the engine such as the  clutch, cylinder head, oil pan covers, the throttle valve discs and the fuel injectors, which are two per cylinder. As a result, the total power is 200 bhp and 134 Nm. The engine has the best power to weight ration of any motorcycle ever made. The car can reach 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds (which is a bit tomorrow in supercars time) and tops 168 mph. The car has a doube-clutch DSG 7-speed gearbox fitted to it

The XL Sport does look like the XL1 model, but it has better aerodynamics. the frontal area is 1.7 sq m and the drag coefficient Cd is one of the lowest available 0.258, there fore the Cda is 0.44 sq m. The car has a higher downforce, wider tires air intakes for air cooling, special vanes used to channel the air in the front, the underbody was reworked to get a better aerodynamic result, air ducts on the hood, an extendable rear spoiler (that uses the same electric motor as the Lamborghini Aventador) and a rear diffuser. The are air cooling vents in the rear to cool the power unit of the car. Other then the aerodynamics, the XL sport is wider, larger, but has the same height as the old XL1. It is 168 in long, 72.7 in large, has a 87.6 in long wheelbase, and 45.4 in high. It has a newer, revised chassis as well.

In the inside, the two cars look similar as well. The Sport has a red finishing in the seats. Aluminium, and leather are used in the interior. It houses a digital instrument cluster (lap timer, oil pressure display..). The steering wheel is decorated by red stitching and has aluminium shift-paddles mounted to it. The air vents have aluminium accents, same as the DSG shift gate.

500 units will be produced, which is the double of the XL1’s. In terms of sport car values, the XL Sport stands well, Volkswagen did a great job, used newer materials, to gain weight, and efficiency, they claim that the car will do a 1L/km which is really needed in today’s conditions.

Source : Volkswagen Press release