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At the latest Paris Auto Show, Mercedes unveiled the Cabriolet version of the already mighty AMG GT, the car came with one aesthetic tweak : roof goes on and off, and power tweaks.

The engine, mounted on the new AMG models is the same, it is the same 4.OL engine, V8, two turbos, but instead of producing 460 bhp on the regular engine, power was increased to reach 550 bhp, and 680 Nm in torque. All this results in a 0 to 100 kph race in just .6 seconds and 310 kph. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7‑speed dual-clutch transmission. The car uses refined elements of the more powerful sister, the AMG GT R, the rear axle differential is electronically controlled, with limited slip, in addition to that, there is the rear-wheel steering feature. Combined together, the car has better stability and is more enjoyable to drive.

On the outside, resemblance to the AMG GT R continues, from the features : a wide body, large wheels, a large “butt” and everything grew large compared to the AMG GT. Also the GT C comes with a soft top, so you need to sit still while some pistons, electric motors do stuff and magic to get the roof on or off. And you know dear readers, that weight in cars matters, so instead of having a heavy hard top, Mercedes opted for a soft top version, materials used in construction were Magnesium, steel and Aluminum.

Price tag isn’t announced yet, production will start on 2017, with more detailed features about the car, and the AMG 50th anniversary


The last hypercar from Mercedes was the legendary Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. It was able of doing a lot, and cost a lot too. After the Belgian GP, from “a high level source at Mercedes AMG”, confirmation came to Top gear that the hypercar is coming. 2017 is the 50th birthday, so it could be a good project to mark the dates.

After The AMG GT, and the C63 AMG, Mercedes is allowing production to another car from AMG division, it is said to be a hypercar, with many F1 characteristics, especially for the engine, it could be powered by three electric engines and a thermal F1 engine, exactly the internal combustion engine that is powering the W07 Mercedes car. Coupled with MGU-H and MGU-K units, this engine produces 730 bhp.  AMG CEO confirmed that the car will be fighting against Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1. About the body, it may be a monocoque, carbon-fiber body, with weight reduction to achieve power to weight ratio 1:1.

The body could be similar to Aston Martin and Red Bull fruit of collaboration the AM-RB 001 with more class, and more sensual touch from Mercedes. It could also feature Mercedes technologies like the magic body control, active body control, rear-wheel steering, and even newer. The revealing depends on how fast the minds at Stuttgart are working.


When you think you can’t make a Mercedes car look any better, a car tuner comes up with an idea to make it look as monstrous, as aggressive, as possible. It is the turn to LUMMA Design to play with one this time. The kit applied is the LUMMA CLR G 800 The toy is the GLE and The result is staggering.


It is the GLE first time to get a widebody kit on the exterior. All the car used to have is a fine Mercedes Benz style, it was good looking, until LUMMA decided to mess things up. The first thing to be noticed, is the reduction in height. LUMMA lowered the suspensions, to acquire higher performance from the car. The tuning program features large air intakes on the front wings, a new front bumper, new side skirts and wider wheelarches. It also features a carbon hood, new rear bumper and diffuser and a rear spoiler. Not only that, but the car has in addition a Carbon-fiber hood. Knowing how heavy Mercedes-AMG cars can get, some weight reduction in the addition program just dictates itself. Carbon fiber was used in making the hood, the side skirts, the air vents, the rear air diffuser, and both of the bumpers. The car sits on 24-inch wheels from the dutch manufacturer Vredestein.


There is a power increase. The 5.5L biturbo V8 has been enhanced to produce 640 bhp, around 70 bhp more compared to the stock GLE 63 AMG coupe. This, along with the aero package, and the height reduction, should improve the top speed and the acceleration. Not that, the SUV from AMG does 0 to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds.


Modifications inside include a lightweight materials usage for some of the cars. Customers can choose between premium leather or wood variations to get the luxury they need.

The official release would be in the Frankfurt Auto Show this September, but with the teaser images, we are sure drooling about it.


It has been a busy year with Mercedes-Benz, I mean the new S class, the C class, the Formula 1 world championship, the AMG GT, the CLS facelift. It was fruitful and for the German constructor, stopping while you are way ahead, is not an option. We all were astounded with the magic done with the S class safety systems, we all said that it is a new step for man toward self-drivable cars, well, here is one, revealed yesterday ( January 6th 2014) at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015. Mercedes’ official YouTube channel has a video for us and it gives something like this :

Its name is the F 015 concept, or according to Mercedes’ philosophy, it is luxury in motion. What it looks like, it is that, the future of automobile is so close, you may even say that, the future is here. At a first sight, the vehicle doesn’t look like much of a car, yes it has 4 wheels, and 4 doors, but, there is that bonnet part, it is too short, with a very long wheel-base. Dimensions of the car are as follows, it’s 205.5 inches long, 79.4 inches wide, and 60 inches tall. The wheel-base is 142.1 inches which is 9.6 longer than the S class, which is long. The F 015 is streamlined, pointing towards the ground, has futuristic wheels, and a long light bar in the rear. The F 015 chassis is made from carbon-fiber, aluminium and strong steel. The body weighs 40 percent less than production cars nowadays.


The car is commanded by a push of a button, or a finger swipe, to be more up to date with technology, and it comes to you like a puppy who wants to play, it approaches you softly, opens its doors for you and invites you in, the chairs turns for you, and some soft German automated female voice tells you to “Get in”. In addition to that, the car has road and pedestrian recognition systems, it has two different LED light indications, to tell whether the driver is driving or the car is doing it itself. When detecting a pedestrian, undulating lights on the grille indicate to him that F 015 detects them, then according to it, the car stops, draws a laser projected cross walk, and lets the driver know that he/she can cross the road in safety, using that same soft German female automated voice. It can indicate through panels to the driver behind it to slow down, “SLOW” or that it is braking “STOP”, as you know, Mercedes is all about security and crash avoidance. That is how futuristic it is.

The Luxury in Motion is for the individual who wants to retreat to a private place, relieving themselves of the stress and work involved with driving in the ever more hostile urban environment where driving is not enjoyable” according to Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler and head of Mercedes cars.

In the interior, the saloon car, or moving conference room is really from the future, for starters, it is spacious, then there are screens all over the place. These screens are used to channel information between the driver or passengers and the car. Everyone now can take part in controlling the car, choice is offered in destination (of course), drive mode (relaxed or dynamic). The interior is white, with an ambient lighting, a soft blue generally. Chairs rotate easily, in a regular setting, they rotate 30° towards the door to allow a much more easier getting in or out of the car, people inside the car can opt for a more facing each other setting and rotate the luxurious chairs in that order. Doors open to 90° degrees, for a more comfortable get out/ get in. The car carpet is no more, instead of it, there is a hardwood floor, made of open-pore walnut wood. Of course, this car still has a steering wheel, to let the driver feel a bit of control over the car, it is Mercedes’ way to say, the human part is still needed.

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion

Because the car can be controlled from any of the touchscreens, “any passenger can become the driver,” Dieter Zetsche.

What is powering this machine from the future? Mercedes said it would be an electric-drive system, a plug-in hybrid. 2 electric motors, possibly mounted one at each front wheel provide propulsion, the main generators would be a fuel-cell stack, hydrogen tank and lithium sulfate battery pack. Top speed will be around 70 mph.

This car, as smart, and future telling is, is not maybe suitable for us, big engine admirers, because car love is about that power, the noise, the design amongst other things.

Dr Mansory was known for creating powerful crazy monsters, some of the cars that were tuned by the Mansory program are the  Ferrari F12, Mercedes Benz G class, the Mercedes McLaren SLR and the list goes on. Tunings involve body works, works on engines, exhaust systems… but what if the monster is the finest car in the world, one of the most luxurious cars on earth? Mansory has no problem working with that, and the result is impressive.


The last monster to see the light ever in the Mansory garage, is the S class, with a lot of power, how much you may wonder, 1000 bhp version, and a reasonable 800 bhp version. Note that the base S63 model has a 5.5L V8 that produces just 575 bhp. However, for people at Mansory the power output did not seem like enough. The 1000 bhp version has been fitted with the M1000 kit, a 5.9L V8 engine, that produces 1400 Nm in torque. The kit includes new changes and mods the most of the engine parts. The car has now a new crankshaft, a new turbo, new suction and compression systems.The car goes from stop to 100 kph in just 2.6 seconds, which is faster than The Mercedes SLR, The Chevrolet corvette C6, the Gallardo LP-560, and even the Mercedes SLS AMG and The AMG GT. Top speed is sadly limited to 300 kph. The M800 kit rockets the car in 3.6 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the standard model.


Both the cars were fitted with a new aerodynamic program, which includes new front wider spoiler, roof and rear lips, side skirts, rear diffuser apron, bonnet, side mirror housing and LED daytime. All the aerodynamic pieces were made from carbon-fiber.


The is no price tag on it yet, but it is certain that with a 1000 bhp, one wouldn’t care about the price anymore, it is just about the power and fun of driving



When you look at Mercedes-Benz’s S class, you wonder, if there is a possibility to make it better? The car is so smart it is quite impossible to crash it, it is so luxurious you feel like you are sitting on a feather, so, can Mercedes make a better car? The answer is yes, they can, and it is the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Two years ago, Mercedes-Benz announced that it wasn’t going to produce any Maybach, and honestly it was sad, but now, it has been decided that the high brand of Mercedes should be revived in the form of a long-wheelbase S600. So you can guess what is powering it, a 6.0L V12 engine, twin-turbocharged, that produces 530 bhp and 850 Nm of torque. Coupled to that enormous engine, a 7-speed AMG automatic transmission. Thanks to the use of various sound isolating materials, Mercedes claims that the Maybach S600 is the quietest car it ever made.

S-Klasse, S 600 Maybach (X 222) 2014

Power and sound isolation are not the most remarkable features of the car, because, wait until you get inside, and there, as they say, where the magic happens. In addition to all the standard S class luxurious features, the Maybach S600 offers a royal luxury. It is in fact fitted with 4 independent seats, the passenger front seat can be folded up so Sir can enjoy himself. The rear seat has individually adjustable backrests and head-cushions. Sir can enjoy himself more with Maybach branded champagne set, hidden between the set, and he can manage his company through a center console, linked to the internet via Mercedes Hotspot. The car has sound amplification system, so that Sir won’t make a lot of effort raising his voice. High quality leather is present almost everywhere, even in the door handles. And thanks to a longer wheelbase, both front and rear passengers can have more legroom space.

On the outside, the car still looks like an S class, although it has a larger front grille, it is 200 mm longer than the standard, has the same wheels on the Maybach 57. On the front, same as the wheels and the steering wheel, you will find Mercedes’s star, The Maybach logo is placed next to the rear passenger window, and you have to get to car’s behind to find more indications.

The S600 Maybach is to compete against Rolls Royce, Bentley and other luxury brands, there is no price tag on it, yet. Production is said to debut in February next year.


Starting January 2016, Mercedes Benz will rename some of its models, and will expand its base, family, sport and AMG lineups with new models. Today, Thursday, November 27th 2014, Mercedes announced the expansion, and revealed a picture showing two new models.


The models shown are the C450 AMG, and what appears to be, the GLE coupe. GLE you say, what is that? well it is the new M class, that is because of the new nomination system that will used. The GLE will be competing against its like SUV, its direct opponent will be the BMW X6. It will be having a 3.0L twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine, that produces 329 bhp for the GLE 400 and  5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing over 570 horses for the GLE 63 variant. as far as the C450 is concerned, it will get a more powerful V6, twin-turbocharged, that will produce up to 370 horses.

Mercedes announced that the AMG line up will have developed engine, upgraded dynamics, newer chassis, maybe all-wheel-drive for the coming up models. They said also that they will try to fill the gap between classic and new AMG’s.

“The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide,” “For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance” says Tobias Moers, AMG CEO.