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It is like one can’t get enough of Japanese cars. They are sexy, good looking, astonishing, infinitely good performant, luxurious. They are the whole package. And when you think to yourself that they will stop there, they surely outdo themselves. Take Infiniti for example, it produces nice cars, even better with F1 tech from the Red Bull team. The new car they are presenting, have been teased before, and now the wait is over, and it has been unveiled.

Power :

Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the newest Infiniti comes with style, luxury, and yes, power. It is named : The Q60 Concept. It is powered by the new generation of v6 engines, a 3.0L v6 turbocharged generation with direct injection, and these do come with all the power needed to fight big cars even that they are small, courtesy to Infiniti. The engines are announced to be more efficient and more powerful. It is expected that they’ll develop 550 bhp, coupled to a hybrid power unit. Power will be transmitted to the rear wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Being smaller, they have reduced fuel consumption and C02 emissions. Infiniti is really following the saying “with great power, comes great responsibility” to the point. They are really responsible towards earth.

Design : 

One of the most remarkable features of the Q60 is its sporty, muscular look. The car is 184.6 inches long. It sits on 21 inch wheels with contrasting black and silver spokes. From the behind, it looks like Mercedes latest coupe, the S class coupe, but, its front and sides are inspired from the Infiniti Q50 and the Q80. It has the same strong, front grille as the Q50, the same angry look Infiniti offers to its cars now. However, the car has it own styling, it has a long nose, but a shorter deck, it is quite wide (73.4 inches wide). Lines, and shapes define the direction of the car’s design.

Interior :


The 2+2 interior offers a great luxury, and looks really elegant. It is based on the Q50, already, it has many of its instruments. The instruments panel has hand-stitched leather wrapping, it has also two tones, black, that offers a contrast feature to the sporty inside look, and white. Leather is present on the seats too, with personalized stitching. The doors are carbon-fiber.

Materials used to make the body are mostly aluminium alloys. Some strong steel and carbon-fiber parts do exist, but, the body is mostly aluminium.

The Infiniti Q60 will surely compete against Japanese car number 1 rival, the M4 Series by BMW, that car is really getting on the Japanese people’s nerves. Of course, the Lexus RC, the Audi A5 coupe will be in Infiniti’s visor.

source : Infiniti press release