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Porsche just announced the cool model for the Cayenne line-up, that will come restyled in a coupe design with new features, and impressive power.

We all know the Cayenne, cool, nice looking, one of the best SUV and could be a tough player when it comes to power and speed. Porsche decided it is enough with the rectangular shape of an SUV, and decided to go to an SUV coup design instead.

The looks remind us of mostly the Panamera rear-view, and also, the cousin from another Family, the URUS from Lamborghini. and the Q8 from Audi. They share mostly a similar design, close lines, and all offered from the works of Volkswagen. Like its sister, the Cayenne Coupe benefits of an adaptive rear spoiler. However it should be in the roof rather than on the trunk. To that were added sharper lines to give it the sporty looks we all know for the Cayenne models.

Power wise, the Cayenne will be fitted with two high-performance engines. The first variant can be either a 3.0-liter mono-turbo V6, which generates 335hp and maximum torque of 450 Nm, which allows the vehicle to sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds and max a top speed of 271km/h (151mph). The second engine is a bigger, more powerful, and more insane, a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which produces a total of 541hp and 770 Nm of torque. It accelerates from start to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 320km/h.

Pricing will start from 75000 $ and beyond. Official sales will be made in 2020.

Amoureux de Porsche, nous avons une bonne nouvelle à vous annoncer! Une autre Porsche vient de mettre un record personnel dans l’enfer vert; le Nürburgring. Elle est une des rares voitures à passer sous la barre des 7 minutes, et elle vient de se joindre à la Porsche GT2, La Lamborghini Huracan Performante et à la 918 Spyder.

Pour tous ceux qui ne connaissent pas le circuit du Nüburgring, c’est un circuit en Allemagne, dans la ville e Nürburg, qui a une capacité de téléspectateurs qui atteint les 150,000 et long de 20.8 km. Il est largement utilisé aujourd’hui par les constructeurs automobiles pour tester les nouveaux modèles performants (AMG, MPower, Ferrari, Lamborghini..) Ceci laisse une chance aux médias de baver devant quelques spots automobiles, et bien sur, pour les compétitions d’endurances, telles que : Les 24 heures du Nürburgring.


Ayant fait la connaissance des lieux, faisons la connaissance de la bête qui vient de s’ajouter à la famille Porsche. C’est la Porsche 911 GT3 RS modèle 2019. Elle est équipé du 4.0L 6-cylindres de Porsche, qui produit une puissance de 520 chevaux @8250 tour/min. Elle se lance de 0 à 100 km/h en 3,3 secondes. Le couple maximal atteint est de 470Nm. Et enfin la voiture est propoulsée par une boîte Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK).

La Porsche en question, était équipée du Kit Weissach pour Porsche, et chaussée des pneus Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R et des jantes en magnésium pour gratter un peu dans le gain du poids. Elle a été conduite par le pilote de Porsche : Kévin Estre. L’expérience du pilote, le kit haute performance, l’attitude de la Porsche GT3 RS, tout ceci a permis de mettre le record de 6:56.4

Le prix annoncé pour la GT3 RS 2019 est de $188,550 (pour le modèle de base), et si on voulait se taper une similaire à celle qui a été testée au Nürburgring, il faut ajouter $31,000 à ça.


In 2009 when the Porsche Panamera was announced, everyone was surprised to the idea of a 4-door saloon Porsche. First models appeared in 2010, and since, the Porsche Panamera has been rocking on the roads. The new Porsche Panamera is just impressive, with design evolution, and new technology introduced. It comes to suite all tastes, in multiple engine variants, in  twin-turbocharged v6 to twin-turbocharged v8.


The engines available will be 2.9 twin-turbocharged v6 engine (this will replace the old 3.0L engine), 4.0 twin-turbocharged V8 and something from the big factory, from Audi’s (since the two are under Volkswagen) the 4.2L twin-turbo diesel. Also, there will be no more 7-speed double-clutch PDK gearbox, it will be replaced with the newest 8-speed PDK gearbox. For now, Porsche models will be all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive variants may be announced later. In addition to all this, the new Panamera will be build on a new plateform, that is larger, longer, offers more space, and lighter. The most remarkable variant is the Porsche Panamera Turbo, with its 4.0L twin-turbo V8 with twin scroll turbochargers and VarioCam Plus. It produces 550 hp @5750 to 6000 RPM and 770 Nm @ 1950 to 4000 RPM of torque. Accelerating from 0 to 100 kph takes just 3.6 seconds, beating the Audi S8, the BMW 7 series, The Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG and the Bentley Flying Spur W12 S. Top speed is 190 mph (305 kph). The price is announced at 146,900$


The new design features new headlights using 48 separate LED’s. The front and rear bumper are changed, and the car has been fitted newly designed bumpers. For the back lights, they are new, with a bar that goes on all the width. The increase in the wheelbase by 30mm contributed to increase the length of the car by 35mm, the car is also 5mm wider and 5mm wider. The elements that were modified are : bumpers, side sills, wings, roof, bonnet, rear hatch and the rear spoiler. The retractable rear spoiler is larger, and divided into three retractable parts, to allow more air lift surface. Use of light materials for the car parts decreased the weight by 70 kg.

In the interior, Porsche people fitted what they call Porsche Advanced Cockpit, which resembles to the cockpit of the Porsche 918. The interior is luxurious, sporty, and gives the driver an interface to communicate with his car. Progress obliges, all the buttons have been replaced with either touch-sensitive buttons or a 12.5-inch touch-screen to give an “à la mode” tech look.


Porsche will announce other models in the Paris Auto Show and upcoming shows, so stay tuned.


The Porsche Macan Turbo is the most powerful in the Macan line up, it achieves great on its own, yet people at Porsche decided to give it a power boost. Fitting the car with a Performance Package that means : engine, brakes, suspension, brakes, and a sporty interior.

Porsche’s people tuned the twin-turbocharged 3.6L v6 engine, to be able to produce 440 bhp and 600 Nm of torque at a large torque rev field that goes between 1500 rpm and 4500 rpm. The new, more powerful Macan is already more powerful than the GTS Macan. Moreover, 0 to 60 takes only 4.2 seconds, which is faster than a 911 Carrera by two tenths, racing from 80 to 120 kph is faster now, and takes just 2.9 seconds. So, the Porsche Macan can attend its top speed of 272 kph faster. An all-wheel-drive system channels power to the ground, with the a help of Porsche Pdk 7-gear double-cluth transmission.


The Performance Package includes as well new larger brakes, the new 6-piston red calipers come with 390 mm brake rotors, they are 30 mm larger than the standard turbo’s. New, adaptive suspension, 16 mm lower, are fitted as well. Porsche’s Sport chrono package comes as a standard. There is no bodywork modification. 21″ alloy wheels with gloss black detailing come as options.

The total price of all this could reach 88,000$. Competition will be against The beemer X3, Audi SQ5, and the recently announced Mercedes Benz GLC43 AMG.

Porsche Cayman GT4 Front

The Porsche Cayman GT4 was revealed in the Geneva Auto Show last Marsh, and it was a bit of technology, powered by a flat-six 3.8 L engine that produced 385 bhp, it had a main competitor the TT RS Audi. In the L.A Auto show, Porsche came with a more track-focused model, and dubbed it The Clubsport.

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport rear

The Clubsport doesn’t differ much from the GT4 Cayman, it has the same engine, so 385 bhp of power, 420 N.m in torque, a 0 to 100 km/h in just 4,4 seconds and a top speed that is announced to be around 183 mph (295 kph). Modifications were brought to the gearbox body, brakes, and interior. The Cayman GT4 had a manual 6-speed transmission whereas the Clubsport comes with a double-clutch shift-paddled 6-speed PDK Porche gearbox. It lost 40 kg in weight, to get to 1300 kg, thanks to a severe diet program, such a result was reached by taking off the maximum weight : no floor carpets, to sound systems, and the passenger seat. To maintain good security standards, a roll bar was added to stiffen the body. The pilot is installed in a competition bucket seat, held by a six point harness.


To get a better performance, the Clubsport is fitted with a reinforced 380 mm iron-disk with 6 piston calipers in the front and 4 pistons for the rear. The front axle is taken from the 911 GT3 Cup, and keeps the rear axle from the Cayman GT4, but with an mechanical locking rear differential. It also keeps the rear suspension from the GT4 street version, the front suspension is as Porsche said  “The lightweight suspension strut front axle is taken from its big 911 GT3 Cup brother, which is campaigned in Porsche’s 20 one-make championships around the world.”

The Cayman GT4 had a 85,000$ tag put on it, whilst the Clubsport costs almost the double 165,000$. It would participate in various competitions : Pirelli World Challenge, the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, the Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA, the Ultra 94 GT3 Cup Challenge Canada and the Porsche Club races.

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

Porsche fans, hold your breath because there is a new one coming, it is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It will be using a new engine, a new transmission and it will be still elegant and eye catching, because, it is still a Porsche.

Many rumors have been said about the GT3 RS, but one thing is sure, is that is will be breath taking, engine displacement will be 3.8L or 4.0L generating 500 bhp. It will be a flat six, naturally aspirated engine. Porsche people are coming up with a new engine, for a better management of power and torque. While addressing Auto Express, Porsche R&D boss, Wolfgang Hatz said “Performance has to be the main objective. Customers love the current GT3. The RS has to be the peak. The 991 GT3 was very much a surprise for everybody because it’s a very usable car for every day. The GT3 RS will be more extreme.” He made sure that the car will come with a PDK dual-clutch 7-speed automatic transmission, yet, Porsche did not completely rule out the idea of a manual transmission. Hatz said that the turbocharged engines will be used on models like the Cayman, the Carrera, or the 912, but the GT3 RS is to keep a naturally aspirated engine.

There are noticeable changes on the body, the car has larger intakes for instance, a new front splitter, big fender grill, an improved rear spoiler as a bigger rear wing and heat extractors will be all part of the new aero kit the GT3 RS will be receiving. It is certain that the car will go in a severe diet to lose weight, in order to improve power-to-weight ratio.

The Porsch GT3 RS will be going after two main records, one made by the old model 7 min and 25 sec, and the other is made by Porsche Hyper-insanely-beautiful-car the 918, 6 min and 57 seconds, all around the all mighty Nürburgring. We will have to wait until March to have the GT3 RS revealed completely.