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Rezvani Motors, a small company somewhere in the USA, has recently unveiled its new beast, the Beast, a small, lightweight supercar, The beast, that redefines the open-wheel supercars, and is based on The Ariel Atom, another company somewhere in Great Britain.


Yahoo called it “Americas next supercar. And it gives a lot of expectations. The car has only the necessary, to be serious and not joke around, 700 kg of crazy speed. The car comes with 2 variants, the Beast 500, and the The beast 300. Both have 4 inline cylinder engines, 2.4L Supercharged Turbocharged engine, that has 500 bhp thus the 500 in the name, and a smaller 2.0L that delivers 315 bhp, thus the 300 in the name. The Beast 500 is faster from 0 to 100 kph, it does it in only 2.7 seconds while the 300 does it in 2.9. Impressive under 3 seconds performance.

The engine is mounted behind the driver, made by DDM Works in South Carolina. Dave Michel of DDM Works says “When the engine is built, the block is disassembled, and checked for defects, etc. Then the crank bearing surfaces are polished, the block is cleaned, bored, decked and prepped for the new high-performance parts”
New Performance parts include  an M62 Supercharger, Garett GTX turbos, a front heat exchanger, Corillo forged H beam rods, ARP rods, optional clutch upgrades. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels by a 6 speed close ratio manual gearbox, with a limited slip differential mounted in the rear wheels. Brakes are provided from Alcon, and they are 4 piston competition brakes. To give a better driving experience, the Beast, has forged aluminium anti-roll bars for the front and the rear of the car.


The Body, designed by the award winning designer Samir Sadokhov, finalist at the Ferrari World Design contest, is streamlined, and has a resemblance to the Lamborghini Egoista. It has improved aerodynamics on the regular open-wheel car, and a drag coefficient close to them. The body is made all of carbon fiber, to reduce weight. Gene Langmessner, CEO of N2A Motors, a specialty composite body maker, has the following to say “We are going to take the CAD data and turn it over to my CNC programmers where we will write the cutting program to CNC, and cut a urethane foam 3D model of the car on our gantry mill.Then we will prepare that model for pulling a mold from.”

After making the composite mold we will be able to lay-up the carbon fiber parts to place on the donor chassis. After we lay-up the carbon parts and fabricate/engineer/scheme a way of fitting them to the chassis, we document the process and take additional molds where needed in order to repeat the process for production. Then surface, paint color sand and buff and the car is ready for the show circuit! This process will be about 1,000 – 1,500 man-hours spanning over the next 5-6 months.”


 Exhaust system do not make that long trip to reach the end of the car, both Beasts are fitted with short exhaust system. Everything was made to reduce weight to the car, even, you can chose to make your doors open, or avoid all the mechanics to open a door, and have a car with no doors. Even more, the windshield is removable, for a track vs road experience

The price, well is reasonable seeing the performance of the car, 11900$ for the Beast 300 and 139000$ for the Beast 500