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Ferrari 488

Novitec Rosso always did good to Ferrari toys, either it was the F12 N Largo, or any other model, they were all charming, and crazy on the road. Now that there is an Aperta version of the impressive Ferrari 488 GTB, Novitec Rosso allowed themselves to tweak it. And the result is just phenomenal.

Tweaks involved the exterior, and performance. First of all, the engine, Novitec Rosso did not mess with the initial 3.0L turbocharged 488 GTB engine, but they developed two special control modules that are responsible to feeding the ECU with ECU with new mapping for the injection and ignition phases. There’s also a new exhaust system (available with ‘electronic sound management’) and an optional exhaust made from Inconel (an alloy of nickel containing chromium and iron, resistant to corrosion at high temperatures). All of this means another 101 bhp to the initial engine, which means that the Novitec Rosso 488 spider produces 772 bhp @7950 rpm and 892 Nm of torque @3,250 rpm. Top speed is expected to be around 342 km/h with a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 2.8 seconds (which is 0.2 quicker than the standard model).

For the exterior changes, Novitec fitted the 488 spider with a new carbon-fiber front spoiler lip, air intake surround, side flaps and rocker panels. At the rear, there is an additional diffuser element and a rear spoiler lip as well as carbon surrounds for the taillights and blacked third brake light.  The interior depends on the buyer’s taste Novitec offers a variety of choices in their configurator. Price too, depends on options fitted to the car.

A few months after revealing the breath taking Ferrari 488 Gran Turismo Berlinetta (GTB), and a day after announcing finishing last touches on a more track focused F12, Ferrari revealed earlier today, in some private party, maybe for Italian cooks and Mafia men, a new model : The 488 GTB Spider. It is an Aperta version of the 488 GTB, with better driving sensations.


Ferrari did not wait for the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show to reveal its newest toy, and just went ahead with it. The 488 GTB Spider still has the same 3,9L V8 producing 670 bhp, and a staggering 750 Nm in torque, which makes it by far, Ferrari’s most powerful Aperta. Going from 0 to 100 kph will take the same time as the coupe, 3 seconds flat. However, racing to the 200 kph will be .4 of a second faster for the Spider, in just 8.7 seconds. Still with the figures, Ferrari said that the Spider gained 50 kg in weight, and has a 23 % torsional rigidity compared to the coupe, thus creating a sportier drive. Power will be transferred to the wheel through a 7-speed dual-clutch Formula one transmission. Very light shifting is expected.

No need to worry about the aerodynamic performance, in fact, the 488 Spider does look a bit muscular. Ferrari announced also some aerodynamics improvements : A new rear wing, better curves, and air vents, active front bumper and blown rear spoiler, all made to reduce the drag, and give a better downforce. All this makes it the best convertible Ferrari ever made, from an aerodynamic point of view.  In fact, it has better wind channeling. All these numbers can make the car top 325 kph. Last week, a video was circulating in the Internet for a GTB breaking 341 kph, so wait and see.

As far as the roof is concerned, it is a light material hard top, Ferrari says the soft top weighs 50 kg more, so they dropped the idea of it. It is power-retractable, in just 14 seconds, same as all Ferraris. But, unlike the other Ferraris, whose roof folds in a 180° straight back way, the 488 Spider’s is split into two parts who fold one over the other inside the 250 L trunk. For Safety reasons, and like all the convertible Ferraris, Roof folding or unfolding is only done when the car is fully stationary.


Fuel consumption will be around 11.4L for a 100 km, and C02 emissions will be around 260 g/km. There is no price tag on it yet, but it is expected to be close to the 230,000 €. It’s main rival is no Lamborghini, but it will be the McLaren 650 Spider.