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Dr Mansory was known for creating powerful crazy monsters, some of the cars that were tuned by the Mansory program are the  Ferrari F12, Mercedes Benz G class, the Mercedes McLaren SLR and the list goes on. Tunings involve body works, works on engines, exhaust systems… but what if the monster is the finest car in the world, one of the most luxurious cars on earth? Mansory has no problem working with that, and the result is impressive.


The last monster to see the light ever in the Mansory garage, is the S class, with a lot of power, how much you may wonder, 1000 bhp version, and a reasonable 800 bhp version. Note that the base S63 model has a 5.5L V8 that produces just 575 bhp. However, for people at Mansory the power output did not seem like enough. The 1000 bhp version has been fitted with the M1000 kit, a 5.9L V8 engine, that produces 1400 Nm in torque. The kit includes new changes and mods the most of the engine parts. The car has now a new crankshaft, a new turbo, new suction and compression systems.The car goes from stop to 100 kph in just 2.6 seconds, which is faster than The Mercedes SLR, The Chevrolet corvette C6, the Gallardo LP-560, and even the Mercedes SLS AMG and The AMG GT. Top speed is sadly limited to 300 kph. The M800 kit rockets the car in 3.6 seconds, 0.4 seconds faster than the standard model.


Both the cars were fitted with a new aerodynamic program, which includes new front wider spoiler, roof and rear lips, side skirts, rear diffuser apron, bonnet, side mirror housing and LED daytime. All the aerodynamic pieces were made from carbon-fiber.


The is no price tag on it yet, but it is certain that with a 1000 bhp, one wouldn’t care about the price anymore, it is just about the power and fun of driving



Ferrari Revealed a few days ago its new monster car at the Ferrari word finals, in Abu Dhabi, and named it the FXXK (and it is not what you think). It is a 2.5 million € of pure speed, a big ass diffuser and 1050 bhp.

It is amazingly fast, lapping around the Fiorano circuit in just 1 min and 14 sec, while the standard LaFerrari does it in 1 min and 19. Of course, there are still records to be broken.

40 units were made and all 40 of them were sold out according to Nicola Boari. The car won’t be seen on the roads, as it is not road-legal, but owners can compete against each other in Ferrari special events, or drive it in designated circuits.

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Aston Martin DB10

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James Bond has always impressed everyone in his movies with his gadgets and tricks, he was the unbeatable man, and there was some special environment in which he always went over limits, in his Aston Martin. Well, James bond and Aston Martin fans, be ready, there are news, there is a new movie, the Specter, and a new DB, the DB 10, which doesn’t look less awesome than the movie title.

The DB 10 would be the grand son of one of the most iconic Aston Martin’s ever, the DB 5, which was driven for the first time in Goldfinger 50 years ago, and appeared in 6 James Bond movies. The Aston Martin DB 10, was made specially to fit the Specter, engineers have worked simultaneously with the producers, to make it so that the car is not just some decor piece in the movie, but, to co star with Mr Bond.

It is a two-door coupe, elegant, as an Aston Martin should be, futuristic, because it is a Mr Bond car, and well, everyone is aiming for a futuristic design. The car may not have a big V12, but a 4,7L V8. There will be only 10 units made, all of them for the movie, and none of them will be for sale.