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With The International Auto Show in Paris starting, auto makers got crazy revealing all new models, with new techs and smaller engines that produce a huge amount of power, but there is one in particular that stood faithful to its traditions, the tradition of big muscle cars Chevy engines. The new Corvette is amongst us, and it is just impressive.


Tests have proven that this car is just crazy, with the right amount of power. Chevrolet claims that it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in jut 2.95 seconds and does the quarter mile in 10.95 seconds at a speed trap of 127 mph with an automatic 8-speed gearbox. However, with the manual 7-speed gearbox, it goes to 100 in 3.2 seconds and does the quarter mile in 11.2 seconds with the same top speed. This is impressive, but having a look on the engine, it is all understandable. In fact the new Corvette is powered by a supercharged LT4 6.2L V8 that delivers 650 bhp and 881 Nm (650 lb-ft) of torque, which is enough to go from stop to crazy world of speed in seconds. The engine block and cylinders are made from aluminium, A356T6 aluminium for the cylinders, and it is strong and heat resistant. It uses a Eaton TVS supercharger mounted on top of it (the engine). The LT4 uses forged pistons, titanium connecting roads and intake valves. It is then the most powerful Corvette ever made


On the outside, engineers used many materials to make the car lighter, and stronger in the same time. It has a carbon fiber roof and hood, composite floor panels, aluminium hydroformed frame for the doors. It is all similar to the C7 Stingray, these two models share a lot, but the corvette is more of a street car than a racer. The Corvette is wider, the rear is widened by 80 mm, 56 mm for the front. It has larger vents, to provide a better air flow for the engine, the brakes, and transmission. There is a convertible version to be expected. The car sits on larger Michelin summer-only Pilot Super Sport ZP tires to guarantee more grip. It has a new grille, that is larger, has larger brake-cooling intakes and wider outlets. It has a larger air intake vent, on the hood. The car uses three levels of aerodynamics packages :
Level 1 : it is the standard level one package, the car uses a front splitter, front wheels openings, a larger cooling vent, and a rear spoiler (it is taken from the 251 Performance package used on the Corvette Stingray)
Level 2 : sportier, it is the Carbon-fiber Aero-Package, it adds all the following in carbon-fiber : front splitter, plates, rocker panels, larger rear spoiler.
Level 3 : The performance package. It uses the same carbon fiber rocker panels from level two, has larger plates to the front splitter, with adjustable rear spoiler. GM says that this package has the greatest downforce levels.
In addition to all that, the car uses Brembo Performance brakes. 14,6 inches two-piece brakes rotors in the rear and 6 piston fixed calipers in the front should stop the car in no time, as a result, the car goes from 62 mph back to stop in just 99.6 ft (30 m)


The cabin is sporty, with sporty colors, red and black are used. Two seating choices are in offer : the GT seats, for a comfortable ride, or a competition for a more aggressive seating option. Both seats structure is made from magnesium, for a weight gain purpose. All the interior is fully wrapped with premium, soft-touch materials, such as, Napa leather, aluminium, carbon-fiber and sueded microfiber. Technological advance gadgets are present as well, like the Chevrolet Mylink system which allows you to connect your phone, and get it screened on an 8 inch screen, to get to your calls and texts.


Price, it is under 100k$, it is the most powerful car under 100k$ GM has ever made or tested, it will only cost 78,995$, but it is impressive in every way.

Source : Chevrolet