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GLC 43

With new models announced, new nomenclature and a new design philosophy, Mercedes Benz came with new engine variants, the 43 AMG variant, fitted each time to a new model, and now it is the time that the GLC coupe gets the treatment. Made for middle men with a sporty taste, or fast going families, the GLC 43 AMG was unveiled today by Mercedes, a month before Paris Auto Show.

The car power heart is a 3.0L V6 engine with two turbos buffing exhaust gas inside to add more power, it results in 362bhp and 520 Nm of torque. This engine has been already introduced in the C class, C class Estate, the E Class and the SLC, and there is more to come from it. It is more powerful than the bestselling range model : The GLC coupe 300 model. The small engine is capable of great deals, racing to 100 kph takes just 4.9 seconds, sadly it has his top speed limited to 250 kph. Transmitting power to wheels comes via AMG tweaked version of the Mercedes’ 4matic all-wheel-drive (69% to the rear; 31% to the front) with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

GLC engine

The car has been fitted with adaptable suspension that works according to 5 driving modes : Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual. The driver can chose each mode via the Dynamic Select Menu, configurations will apply to engine, gearbox and steering as well. Also, the car sits on two options of wheels, either 19″ to the front and 19″ to the rear, or 21″ each. Body kit wise, it comes from AMG as a sporty package, plus a rear boot spoiler.

GLC coupe

With the official reveal in the Paris Auto Show (Mondial de l’automobile) more details will be revealed, like the price, interior options. Competition will be Porsche Macan, Jaguar F-pace 3.0L and the Audi Q5.